Wrapped Secret is available on Ethereum!

Wrapped Secret (wSCRT), a synthetic ERC20 version of SCRT (Secret Network’s native coin), is now live on Ethereum mainnet and on Uniswap!

The token address for wSCRT is: $1.2300 | Wrapped SCRT (WSCRT) Token Tracker | Etherscan

The Uniswap pool address for ETH / wSCRT is: Uniswap Info

You can also find wSCRT listed on Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/secret-erc20

In addition, we just announced 50,000 SCRT in rewards for Uniswap LPs!

50,000 SCRT will be allocated to all WSCRT / ETH Uniswap LPs over the next two weeks to incentivize additional Ethereum-based liquidity. LP token holders can use the Secret Ethereum Bridge and stake their secretLP tokens to earn SCRT rewards on Secret Network.

Based on some initial calculations (taking as input the SCRT rewards), here’s what this could mean for you:

  • If no additional liquidity is added to the WSCRT / ETH pool and all LP tokens are staked: APY would be ~500% or 18.5% over the 2 week period.
  • If WSCRT / ETH liquidity grows to $1 million and all LP tokens are staked: APY would be 150% or 5.75% over the 2 week period.

Let us know if you’ve got questions or issues :slight_smile:

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