Fiat onramp on

Title says it all. I think this would extremely reduce the barrier of entry to the network.

It should be fairly easy (enlist an existing payment provider that allows you to buy ETH/BTC/stable and implicitly transfer it to SCRT). We’d love to support this with a grant.

Clearly the website committee (or any contributor) should approve this and add this to the website.


Hey Guy,

Citadel.One integrated MoonPay into their application. While it doesn’t allow you to buy SCRT directly, it does allow you to buy many other cryptocurrencies, which you can then exchange for SCRT within the app. I’m not sure if it’s MoonPay or Citadel.One that is powering the exchange functionality, but it’s the closest thing I’ve seen so far to a fiat onramp for SCRT, so it might be worth talking to them and seeing if we can get SCRT supported directly on MoonPay.


If I recall correctly, Can was talking to Fiat On-Ramps to integrate Secret Network. Did anything come of that?

I find it unnecessary to have a dedicated onramp for SCRT, where instead, you could probably just make the two step process transparent for the user. The two steps being:

  1. Purchase a supported crypto
  2. Swap it for SCRT

If that’s the case, it sounds like Citadel.One already has this set up. Here’s a screenshot showing it. Maybe we just need to work with them to advertise this better?