Minimum xfer is 100 SCRT


I have 49 secretSCRT listed on Keplr and I want to withdraw them to my ETH wallet, but the webpage tells me the minimum I can withdraw is 100 - is this right? Surely not…
2021-03-16 12_57_54-screenshot
Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, it is! And be aware of the bridge-to-ETH exit fees, which hovers around $100ish.

Best way to go back to ETH in my opinion is:

sSCRT to SCRT, send SCRT to Binance, trade SCRT to ETH, withdraw ETH to your ETH account.

This way you pay like $0.5 fees on Secret Network and then $18 Withdrawal fees on Binance. $18.5 Fee is better than a $100 Fee.

Using the bridge from Ethereum to Secret Network cost me just below 0.01ETH on 180 GWEI, but the other way around, Secret Network to Ethereum, its like 0.08ETH. You can say yes, there is a premium on the way out for reasons I still don’t know. Maybe the smart contract requires that much gas to realize the transfer back to Ethereum, but 8 times the way in?. I think you pay the Exit TAX in the Coin you are withdrawing, so that is why there is a minimum requirement I guess.

Why so much? Now I just thought of a reason as typing. Perhaps the bridge sells those TAX coins for ETH to cover the (swap fee + ETH transfer fee to you wallet). I’m wildli speculating this. However you can chose the Binance path to save yourself big time on fees.


EDIT: sorry just re-red your question and noticed I went off the rails. You want sSCRT into wSCRT. Well that is your option #1, using the bridge and paying the fee.

Second option, either use the Binance route I mentioned earlier and then buy wSCRT with ETH on UNISWAP, you can compare the final fees spent. Roughly at and at naked eye on 280 GWEI as of right now, you are looking at $18.5 to get your sSCRT to ETH on your Metamask wallet, and another $60 to swap from ETH to wSCRT, so like $78.5.

$100 vs $78.5. Now I’m not sure its $100 exactly, but the $78.5 is very approximate.