Airdrop sefi claim

I had brought over my scrt from the erc 20 chain over to the secret network over the bridge - I had brought over about 9400 scrt- this was at end of feb 2021. I kept them on my keplr and converted them into sscrt. Then I used it to get seth by swapping it for seth. I used this seth in the ethereum pool and was getting sscrt which is put back into the same pool. This was again around end of feb and beginning of March. Around 29/30th March I got about 1400 scrt again ftm
Binance to keplr and did the same.

I didn’t get any airdrop.

Was I eligible for sefi airdrop ?

My secret address on keplr is

My metamask ETH address is 0xe898d699443c6cc2eda444c64a916ca7f889041c6

I have tried asking in the telegram chat about this few times and was directed to ask here for someone to look into the above .


By the way I am currently providing LP to couple of pools on SEFI and this morning inspite of providing high fee and gas of 500000 my attempts to swap sefi for sscrt 5 times failed.

It has been nearly a week since sefi launch and I was hoping things would be getting better on the network after waiting patiently this long .

Hi Sweetguy!

I think your initial 9400 SCRT on was before SEFI announcement early MARCH, therefore not eligible.
For your second lot of 1400 SCRT the dates seem eligible, however, doing it from Binance to Kepler does not meet the criteria. The Bridge awards are for those who converted wETH to sETH, wLINK to sLINK for instance, meaning sending from Ethereum to Secret Network.

For your second issue, there are many people reporting issues during swaps on SecretSwap website, including myself.

I way I managed to resolve it is by clearing cache on your web browser for the site

And doing a Web browser hard refresh by pressing CTRL + F5

Alternatively, if you are blockchain-tech-savvy, you can throw your transactions on SecretCLI without issues:

Hope that helps!

Oh wow! I though the dates didn’t matter, I started providing liquidity, as in earning scrt by putting seth into the ethereum pool after the sefi airdrop announcement and hoped the snap shot would pick it up . I even actually asked them whispernode et’tal as I wasn’t sure if it was worth the IL if it was as initially announced only till March 6/7th as was the case initially and I was told the rewards was ongoing till end of March . Never mind I am still providing LP and claiming sefi- rather compounding . So all good, I guess.

Thanks for your reply and clarifications .

All the best to you .