Failed to transfer my SCRT from TrustWallet

I had my SCRT tokens on Binance with others, and then transferred all tokens that I can to TrustWallet.
I am now trying to transfer them to my Keplr wallet but it keeps telling me Invalid Address.
I hope someone here can help?

Make sure you’re clicking the drop down in Keplr to select Secret Network, rather than the default. This will give you a secret wallet address.

Thanks secertSpiderman…
Yes, I did this, and I also made sure that the address is correct, but still I am getting invalid address.
I am worried that it has to do with trustWallet

Unfortunately, I’m not as familiar with TrustWallet myself. I doubt it’s an issue with Keplr generating a bad wallet address though. It may be worthwhile to try and use your TrustWallet recovery seed to import your wallet into Keplr.

Add a new wallet in Keplr, hit import, use your seed phrase and see if you can access the funds to transfer that way?

Alternatively, it may be worthwhile to reach out to the community/support on TrustWallets end.