Proposal--community reward

I propose that the Secret Network team distribute an airdrop of SCRT tokens to anyone who has participated to make the project better/further the project–including those who have participated here, provided liquidity, staking, content creation on social media, etc. All they would need to do is set up a website where people can share any link to their participations. If the links to such are then approved then they site allows them to claim X number of SCRT tokens. If necessary, each persons tokens can be vested in order to assure they arent sold all at once/there isnt a huge dump of SCRT tokens. This would stimulate the space and users, and would incentivize people who had previously never heard of the project to look into it.

Hi Cayle
Thanks for joining us.
Not sure if that would be the best use of Community Pool.
Those who participate do so as we already have a vested interest in SCRT’s success.
Best way to make this project a top 10 Crypto is invest in projects that enable it to pass the “grandparent test” ( ie that your grandparents can navigate the product. ) Until then we are still in the group with a good idea & will struggle for mass adoption.
Like the idea of something for doing nothing more than I would anyway , But is that not precisely why Cryptos are replacing the FIAT system.
Hope that by putting skin in the game, you become a success like the rest of us who have invested.

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A version of this is done with activity in the secret agent program, providing LP on sushi (or formerly uni), bridge rewards etc.