Upcoming delegations from SCRT Labs

Thanks for everyone who submitted requests for Q1 delegations. Just wanted to let everyone know that we went through the (many!) requests and have settled on the numbers. We’ll likely be delegating in the coming days.

To make things clear, we wanted to let people know what are the factors we considered:

  • The criteria here as a guideline: SCRT Labs Delegation Policy - Bringing Privacy to Smart Contracts and Public Blockchains

  • Existing delegations that requesting nodes are already receiving – we tried, for now, not to redelegate from anyone, but only add to existing delegations. In some cases, since we are already delegating quite a bit to specific nodes, we’ve not added any additional delegation

  • Current contributions vs future contributions. A lot of the asks came in the form of "we’re planning to do X for the network’. For future references, these are discounted unless you can back up your claims in some material way. If you did not receive the amount of delegation you wanted or needed, feel free to re-submit for Q2 with more evidence. You can also reach out to us on TG

  • Whether you’re funded through other means - e.g., through grants, through a for-profit company, etc…

  • Your ranking. Generally, nodes in the active set are considered more favorably, unless you can demonstrate an otherwise unique contribution. On the flipside, nodes with lower rankings are preferred as long the fees and uptime are reasonable.

Hopefully this helps clarify our thinking! We consider the interest form a success and a good method for deciding on future delegations.