Emergency Secret Network infrastructure development - Community spend proposal

Why you should vote “yes” to Emergency Secret Network infrastructure development - Community spend proposal

I’ll keep this brief because everyone already knows that Secret Network has been having some serious issues and has been bleeding users and developers because of it. We want to address one of the biggest issues that will provide the most benefit for investment:

Keplr congestion

Many people think that the solution is a new wallet, but this doesn’t get to the core of the problem. The core issue is server overload. Everytime a user clicks on their Keplr browser extension, it refreshes the balance of every SNIP-20 which is computation heavy. So everytime it gets busy and many users click on their wallet, Keplr’s api gets overloaded very quickly. Even worse is when their API endpoint goes down. This has been a common occurrence in the last year which has lead to massive frustration and loss of users.

Our proposal

  • We are proposing to build a load balanced api endpoint that users can put into their keplr wallet.
  • Any api end point provider can apply to be involved and will get paid based on usage.
  • We will build a website that will keep track of usage, status etc.
  • It will be free to use for everyone, so that developers can focus on building.

This will fix the Keplr issues and can be used by all new wallets, dapps too. As it will be community orientated, it will also be easier to organise more servers during major launches so that we don’t have to deal with embarrassing and frustrating network downtime.

Details of funding request

  • 3 months of funding paid on approval date.
  • Total ask for 3 months $180,000 USD (191,489.361702 SCRT)

This will cover all development work and expenses. After the 3 months, we will review performance and usage with the community and ask for a much smaller amount of funding for maintenance if necessary.

Any left over funding will be used to work on a major upgrade of the Smart Contract Interface, something we have built and provided for free for a long time. Every major chain has an easy to use Smart Contract Interface, we need one. It will help with the issues we’ve been having for the last year in regards to viewing keys, dapp gas issues, websites going down etc etc.


Everyone knows things aren’t good right now and hasn’t been for a long time. It’s time for the experienced devs to come in and just fix this stuff up so that everyone can win.


Don’t support, cost is way too high.

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Budgeting 3 full time developers + expenses for something that will pretty much save the network. Also Keplr offered to fix for 500k.

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The network is not in need of saving currently and certainly wouldn’t be, if it needed to, by this 3 month prop of yours.

Also, Keplr is a rug so the 500k doesnt surprise me.

Not in need of saving?
Nothing works. Keplr has node issues all the time. Every launch has the network crash. Secret Swap is non functional. Bridge gas is all wrong. Sienna is geo locked to US and has node issues all the time…

So many builders and protocols have left or are leaving.

Have you seen TVL and volume?


How is Keplr a rug? it’s the wallet we’ve been using for the last several years.


Won’t be fixed by this.

Won’t be fixed by this.

Won’t be fixed by this.

A for-profit entity can pay for their own infra.

Unrelated, not true, and also wouldn’t be fixed by this.

Also Keplr is known to be an extortioner ever since they grew with osmosis, despite us previously funding them when they were tiny, thats why I say they’re a rug.

Lastly, you don’t need developers for this, you need dev ops ppl.


My post said that we’re targeting the biggest issue. People can’t even create viewing keys. Some reason you don’t see that as a major problem.

Wallet balances won’t load properly most of the times.

transactions often don’t go through.

Developers can do dev ops and build sites etc etc etc


So Keplr didn’t rug. They provided a service that the network paid for and everyone uses. Now they are asking for pay for work and you think that’s a rug.

You dont need to dev a site for api uptime monitoring, there are open source tools available for this.

Separate skills and you listed the wrong one needed for the job. Devs can also fly planes. ‘can’ doesnt mean much.

Your proposal is just badly written up and just appeals to emotion with unrelated arguments. 180k usd for 3 months for something that needs recurrent funding is insane and hilarious.

SCRT isnt something for you to treat as usd so you can capture all the upside when it goes to 10x while 0 downside if it remains flat or down.

Seriously wondering what your credentials are? You seem to think api uptime monitoring is all that’s needed to handle server load especially with something as frontier as blockchain.

Okay so let’s say we get api monitoring and it tells you the api is down? Then what? Network crashes for a while, while we try to get more servers? Cool

In the business world, we do a bit more than that, and it requires a bit of development.

the 180k is for the main build and then obviously maintenance will be a lot less.

SCRT isn’t something that I treat as USD, right now I see it as a sinking ship with some serious issues that need to be resolved and for some reason people are ignoring it or are leaving.

Also, if it was as easy as that, why didn’t you just implement that during the last year of crashes and issues? Why aren’t we implementing that now everytime keplr doesn’t work properly.

It’s because it’s not that easy and it’s not the solution.


Enough credentials to notice you are inexperienced.

Yeah these tools do more than just ping an endpoint, you’d know if you’d ever worked with them lol. Please go google for a bit then come back lol

I’ve built

  • Button Swap
  • Block Locker
  • Smart Contract Interface
  • Password manager
  • Address Alias
  • Silk Pay
    etc etc etc etc

Been the CTO of multi million dollar companies.

What have you built?


Screams insecurity and honestly being ‘CTO’ of your basement isn’t that impressive.

API stuff has been an issue for a long time, and I agree it’s frustrating.

All bickering aside in this forum thread, this proposal at this valuation of SCRT just cannot happen right now.

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where else is the money being spent, tho

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and? does someone have a prop to use that money in another better way?

I’m specifically responding to brendan’s ‘this proposal at this valuation can’t happen right now’ point, not in general speaking to the overall prop

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Thank you for everything your team had built so far. Everything Button touches seems to work with keen attention to user experience. We need more teams like yours building on our network.

That said, can you please elaborate on Ian’s comment that there are other API endpoints that are not being utilized at our disposal? Would Button APIs be additive to the existing resources we have? Or will they serve a different function?

Also, how much funding do you think will be needed to enhance the smart contract interface should this be a separate ask?