Support Team Funding Dec-Feb


This proposal is for the on-chain funding of the Support Team for the period of Dec 1st, 2022 to Feb 28th, 2023

The goal of this Support Team is to be the first line of defense for users on the Secret Network, and to be present and active during every major NFT mint or dapp launch/upgrade to assist in a smooth process for users, 24/7 and all social channels of the ecosystem


The Good

  • Had a lot of users who were having Keplr issues switch over their API provider manually. This fixed a lot of the keplr issues for users

  • Zendesk knowledge center had over 450 total views. With the most popular article being “how to change your kepler endpoints” having close to 300 views

The Bad

  • Keplr API issues were common, with user’s wallets displaying wrong balances, not allowing viewing key creations, or basic transactions such as staking

  • Kepler is not allowing some users to change their API endpoints. Working on a solution for this

  • The Secret bridge had a few issue with transactions needing to be pushed

  • Some ibc connections (most commonly osmosis <> secret) had some issues with the API, we have recently set up a more efficient ibc relayer/ibc api communication system

Target Deliverables for this Funding Period

  • Assist users on the network with any issues they may be having on any of our supporting channels, including but not limited to: Secret Network Discord, Secret Community Telegram, Altermail, Zendesk and the Secret Forums

  • Moderation of community channels such as Telegram channels, Discord or Reddit

  • Improve coordination between the Secret Support Team and builders, Validators, Relayers and Core Team, to help better identify the common issues users are having.

  • Improve Zendesk knowledge center search optimization

Budget Request

The support Team asks a budget for the compensated roles and a discretionary budget to pay for the tools.

Compensated Roles

@mrgarbonzo $3000 / month | 60 hours per month

@reversesigh $2000 / month | 40 hours per month

@TheWaffle $2000 / month | 40 hours per month

Discretionary Budget

Discretionary Budget = $0 (Zendesk pricing was not as high as previously thought so we have enough left over to cover this period)

Total Ask

MrGarbonzo = $3000 / month

Reverse Sigh = $2000 / month

Waffle = $2000 / month

Total Proposal Spend for 3 Months: $21,000
26,250 SCRT @ $.80.
Edit to add in scrt ask@price at prop submission


I think we have to publicize the zendesk knowledge center more.

I also would like to see some kind of program on scaling support in the future - surely we can cover more hours at a cheaper cost than $7k usd per month.


$21,000 ask / 450 views of knowledge center = $47 / view. Based on this, it’s fairly clear the support team is either not pursuing efficiency or generally not needed. I think it’s time to wind this down.


Will be voting no. If these talented folks are worth this type of salary, they should have no problem finding another part time job for $50/hr. Its about time the network stops wasteful spending. This would be a good place to start cutting the pork.