Support Funding Dec-Feb 24

This proposal is for the on-chain funding of the Support Team for the period of December 1st, 2023
to February 30, 2023.

The Secret Network Support Team is responsible for providing timely and effective support
to users on the network through all available communication channels. This includes
addressing technical issues, moderating community channels, and collaborating with
builders, validators, relayers, and the Core Team to improve the overall user experience.

Target Deliverables for this Funding Period

  • Be at the front-row supporting users in their ecosystem exploration with IBC, the depreciation of the old eth bridge and assets and anything else users may have trouble with
  • Provide timely and effective support to users on the Secret Network through all
    available communication channels (Secret Network Discord, Secret Community
    Telegram, and Secret Forums)
  • Moderate community channels (Telegram, Discord) to ensure a positive and
    helpful environment for all users
  • Collaborate with builders, validators, relayers, and the Core Team to identify common user issues and improve the overall user experience

Budget Request

The Secret Network Support Team asks for compensation for the following roles.

Compensated Roles

MrGarbonzo $3000 / month | 100 hours per month

Discretionary Budget

No discretionary budget will be asked

Total Ask

Total Proposal Spend for 3 Months: $9,000 (25,715 SCRT @ .35)


In my short time here, I can say this is a no brainer. You’ve been very attentive and informative in the channels I see you in. Curious if you ever find the workload hard to keep up with as a solo operation?

roughly how many requests are you fielding each week?

Thank you for the support. For the most part I am able to manage things on my own but there are times where either something personal (I have the flu this week) or something technical (bridge breaks) where its a lot to handle, but 99% the time in these market conditions its manageable.

As far as how many requests a week. Id say on average 40 spread between Tickets, DM’s and public channels. Some of these are simple that can be handled quickly such as conflicting viewing keys other times its more time consuming like IBC assets arriving as the wrong type.

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Hey @MrGarbonzo! I’m ready to step in and help you with easy requests to make your work flow easier if it’s needed when the market conditions change. I’ve given lots of support to users in the SCRT Russian channel over the years, and want to get more involved with the ecosystem where I can!


Thanks for sharing that with me. I’d love to see some sort of redundancy element to your proposal for the future as markets/activity in our corner of the space heats up. Not exactly sure how you would prefer to manage that but maybe a moderator could be your understudy? or someone from the Foundation?

The best man if more requests come in is undoubtedly @TheWaffle, who paused his participation because of low demand.


Support the Support as ever & on standby to jump in & help out if market conditions change and we start getting getting a ticket a minute again.

My time is quite limited these days however… But I see @BertramCoins has posted above, he would be brilliant at this as would some of the other International Agent moderators who already provide support in their native languages, including Waffle of course.

During the last bull run we had 4x on support and we were still up all night replying to support tickets. I hope it gets even crazier this time muhaha!

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be careful what you wish for! hehehe

Happy to support you and the wider support community for another quarter.

We do not agree with already needing wider coverage, not having people available in the EU morning might be slightly annoying but at this rate of engagement we dont think Secret-support is needed to scale up again.

Lavender.Five Nodes

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