Discovery vs Valiant vs Defiant

I have learnt that there are different versions of enigma that have been released by chronology, I see that there is a discovery-cli but I don’t see a valiant cli or a voyager cli?

Why is it that so? That I am only seeing a discovery cli when discovery was a project of 2018, discovery init and start many times fails to work.

Thanks for your questions! Enigma’s dev team is not actively maintaining the Discovery network, and the roadmap shifted away from the initial plans for Voyager, Valiant and Defiant. Earlier this year, our community launched an independent blockchain using the Cosmos SDK:

More info:

As we continue building toward CosmWasm in SGX with encryption, we’re looking for developers to help us make it easy to deploy smart contracts on our testnet. Please let us know your feedback on this new documentation:

Let us know any further questions! We’re happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: