Funding for SCRT Bot work and continued work on it and app

Brief Description: Secrettip bot is a discord and telegram bot with a variety of features. It allows users to send and receive without the need to disclose their address publicly. When a user asks for a “slice of pizza” one would just need to use the /secrettip tip @user command. Faster, cheaper, and easier than a user needing to ask and disclose their address publicly. Currently one can send to up to 400 different users at once within the discord with one command with the ability to send to as many people that are members of the discord at one time. The bot also has a faucet which can be used for mainnet SCRT and testnet SCRT. Currently claims are set at 0.01% of the total amount in the faucet per claim which can be changed to a fixed amount or any other percentage. We currently have it set for a user to be able to use every 4 hours. This too can be changed. The minimum amount set for withdrawals is 0.05 SCRT. The bot can support up to 24 different tokens. We are currently working on implementing snip21 and snip721 support. The bot can also be used during events and meetings to increase attendance and education with its most active, hints and trivia features. It is an easy and convenient way to reward Secret Agents and contributors instantly. Users can also use the bot to OTC with one another.

We are asking for funding so that we can continue our work, support, and build out more features to tie into existing and other projects that we have also been working on.


/secrettip balance - This command will display the amount of SCRT a user currently has.

/secrettip deposit – This command will display the users address along with a QR code.

/secrettip faucet – This command is used for a faucet claim which goes directly and immediately to the users account where it is readily available upon claiming.

/secrettip flood - This command evenly distributes the amount the user has entered to all users in the server unless a role is also specified. Example; /secrettip flood amount:1 role:secret agents

/secrettip fees – This command displays the fee schedule.

The fee schedule is currently:

Tip: 0%

Reactdrop: 1%

Trivia: 1%

Soak: 1%

Rain: 0.5%

VoiceRain: 0.5%

Thunder: 0%

ThunderStorm: 1%

Hurricane: 1%

Flood: 1%

Sleet: 1%

Withdrawals: 0.5%

/secrettip history – This command displays the user’s history for each coin, command and transaction history for sending/receiving.

/secrettip hurricane – This command allows a user to specify how many users they wish to send to, the amount and specific roles.

/secrettip info – This command will return a description about SCRT along with it ticker symbol, official Secret Network website, github, block explorers, discord server invite, telegram invite, and links to exchanges that SCRT is listed on.

/secrettip price – This command displays the current price for SCRT in USD, EUR, PHP, and Bitcoin. More currencies can belisted.

/secrettip reactdrop – This command allows a user to select a specific or random emoji along with the amount they wish to airdrop. Users need to react to the emoji selected and only that emoji to be eligible for the drop. A basic math question will be DM to each user reacting to solve.

/secrettip rain – This command will randomly drop to the amount of users selected who are currently online and active.

/secrettip stats – This command shows the leaderboard for donations as well as personal stats for exact amounts spent and received. The number of tips received or sent, floods received or sent, reactdrops sent and received etc.

/secrettip settings – This command allows users to opt out of the bot tagging the user in mass tipping events. Users can select whether they wish to be public in public statistics or remain anonymous. Stealth mode can be turned on/off with this command which removes commands after using them. The user will become anonymous in tipping/sending/receiving/donating. They will receive a mention and be able to use the bot as normal but remain private and anonymous to everyone else.

/secrettip trivia – This command can be used to airdrop to users based off a multiple choice question or written answers.

/secrettip thunderstorm – This command random tips up to 50 users who are most active. Roles can also be specified.

/secrettip thunder – This command randomly tips 1 user who is among the most active users.


-Sending and receiving SCRT on Discord and Telegram

-Snip21 and Snip721 support with up to 24 different tokens.Shade and sXMR are currently supported.

-Faucet for all supported coins. Mainnet. (Testnet is needed/wanted)

-Real time price

-Links readily available to users

-Reactdrops, Hints and Trivia that can help with engagement and education.


-Helping users acquire enough tokens for gas without needing to publicly disclose an address

-Receive and send anon

-Integration with Keplr and Fina support.

-Trivia/Hints/Education. Great tool for Secret Agents, Meetings, and other events.

-Continued work in building out the dashboard/app and features for the bot.

-Fully operational for discord and telegram


-Support for the bots and apps

-Uptime tracking

More features are currently being developed/worked on and more planned for the future. Also taking requests for certain features from users and SLABS/Team members. Funding is for time put in and time that will continue to go into this project and projects that will tie in, work completed, work being done now, hardware/API costs, support, seeding the faucet, and dashboard/app and working on IBC and more privacy features for not only the bot but app as well. sXMR and Shade are now integrated. We are currently working on adding the rest such as BUTT, sUSDC, sBUSD, Alter, sOsmosis, sAtom, sJuno, sETH, sBTC, among others. Can support up to 24 different tokens… StarShell integration is in the works as well.

Similar proposals for reference:

Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation - Evmos wastradingat $1.55 when 6,000 EVMOS was asked.

[Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation](Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation)

Total ask: $8000

$5000 for work completed @ ~ 80 hours @ 65$ an hour. (Hours worked have gone over and will continue to go over as we continue to build/develop/maintain/support)

$3000 To finish snip support for snip (20/21/721) app, full support and adding requested features.


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We already funded a tipbot in the past, and it ended up having little use beyond giving SG1 a paycheck.

Funding something of the same nature again is a waste of funds.

It’s more than just a tip bot. It’s already operational and in the discord. Quite different than what SG 1 built.

The bottomline of the product is it’s a payment tool for discord and telegram and there is already evidence of what kind of adoption such thing achieves.

I’d welcome you to actually try it and see some of the current features and read into what it does as well as what we are currently building.

As for adoption, my experience in this says otherwise.

What you guys have put together is really impressive & far beyond the previous effort by SG-1 (which didn’t actually work & they just abandoned). Secret Agency will definitely use this bot, it’s already helping us over on the #faucet channel (formerly #secret-pizza).

If we can distribute Secret NFT badges through the bot too, then the role gating of every Secret dApp’s Discord server could become quite easy with this bot & the IBC NFT checker bot.

We can also use this tipbot in live AMA’s to reward quiz winners and contributors with Secret tokens & NFT’s.

The FUDer above is wrong, this bot is a great value add to the communities on Secret Network. And since this is the community pool, it should fund the bot. Also the ask is quite small considering the work done already.

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I love this project ! Very well done. Looking forward to the upcoming projects from you. :slight_smile:

We’ve made sure with @Seven_AgoraNodes to not have any overlap with the upcoming Secret Dashboard.

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Stating that a tipbot is a waste of funds is not fuding.

It doesnt matter if SG1 dropped it or not. A tipbot is a very simple product which doesn’t require much continuous development. Because its purpose is straightforward we already have evidence of what use it will get and double funding efforts that dont have much adoption is a bad predecent to set

It’s quite funny to say “agency will use this” as some sort of amazing usecase. The SG1 was also pretty much used by Brendan only.

Not just Agency. Every team with SNIP-21’s can use this bot to distribute their tokens & boost engagement on their Discord servers. Further - if SNIP-721’s are supported it could remove a lot of busywork for teams who are trying to role gate their servers. It’s something that takes a lot of time to correlate holders wallet addresses with Discord names.

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