Can't Claim $SEFI

Hi all. I’m trying to claim my $SEFI airdrop through the Secret Bridge currently. It keeps flagging up ‘Failed to claim SeFi!’ in the top right corner and now just says ‘Wrong Viewing Key’ in red letters next to ‘claim Genesis’ and I’m very unsure why.

Any help would be welcome.

I am getting the same

I have such a problem. the wallet is empty. “failed to request …”
I want to get sefi. Was waiting for them very much

Hey guys, I found a fix. The problem is in the Keplr extension and it’s inability to manipulate the data on the website! What you need to do is go into the extension tab and click the three horizontal buttons to get to “more actions”.

From Site Actions you want to give it permission and full access to edit data on all sites. It should read “This Can Read and Access Site Data”.

Next, hover of it and select the radial for “On All Sites”.