Wallet Address for SCRT

I converted ENG to SCRT on Binance successfully. Went to Puzzle.report and a Wallet “receive” address was generated to use in Binance to send SCRT. Sent SCRT from Binance. Opened Puzzle and chose my Delegator using Ledger with Cosmos app opened as previously instructed. Found SCRT balance was nil. Returned to Binance and found the transaction had failed due to unknown address. Checked address at both ends and found no discrepancy. Who do I contact to enquire why this address failed as I could find no help desk link on Puzzle.

Noticed that Puzzle has not updated blocks for over 2 weeks .
Could be your problem

Thank you for your comment. I will wait a while longer and try again. At least I did not lose my small amount of SCRT, as Binance reinstated this amount. Also, as it was my first attempt, I always use a small amount in case things do not work first time, as on this occasion.

Welcome Dodger,
Not sure if that is the problem though If you want to check that Puzzle is fully up & running again just click on " Summary " to check as at the moment there is a message that it has not updated blocks in 2 weeks

@MickeyT you are looking at the old chain. Please update your bookmarks to https://puzzle.report/secret/chains/secret-2

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@Dodger do you want to post the address that was unrecognized? You could also try to get support on the Telegram or Discord.

Thank you. I have posted this on telegram, but have not received a reply yet. I have had another reply from the community suggesting I have used an old chain on Puzzle and have given me a new link to bookmark and use. I will try that first and see if i have better luck. If not, I will get back to you with the address I used. Kind Regards

Dear Tor, Thank you for the new Puzzle link. I will try to see if this generates a different address to the previous one given me and send the SCRT again. I will let you know if it is successful. Kind Regards

Dear MickeyT. I copied the new link , but the page looks identical to my previous one and there is no “Summary” link.

MickyT. This is the old address which was not recognised if it helps you.

Try inserting your address in the " search secret " , top left of puzzle.
If an Account is found than your problem lies with the Binance end

https://puzzle.report/secret/chains/secret-2 try this link from @Tor & you are seeing the same thing I am seeing.
I tried inserting your address & had a " internal server error "
Where as mine is showing the correct information

The first page when I access Puzzle shows Validators - 34 in total with 7 links marked:-Accounts/Swaps/Contracts/Trans/Events/Props/Petitions. There is no Summary link. My address I previously sent you is already shown in the top L/H box adjacent to the Login box and was generated for me when I first applied to sign up for Puzzle. If I now login, the next page shows my email and password, then I login again. The next page (which is the link you sent me stating we should have the same layout), shows the Validator list again, but the links at the top now show Dashboard, Wallets and Account, plus a search secret box and to the left is my address with a copy icon alongside. When I click on Wallets, the next page shows the default wallet box with my address inside and on the left is a choice of actions, Send,Delegate,Redelegate & Undelegate. I click on Delegate and choose Ledger. My Ledger is unlocked with the Cosmos app open. The next page shows my address with nothing in the quantity box, confirming my SCRT was not received from Binance, therefore I cannot choose a Validator. Binance has informed me that the address was not recognised and not a valid address and to recheck with the recipient (Puzzle) for verification. I am at a loss as to how to proceed now. Should I abandon Puzzle, clear cache, cookies and re-apply, or is everything in order and the fault still lies with Binance. Where is this Summary box you mentioned and if Puzzle is now up and running should I try to send my SCRT again to my address? Thank you.

Hi Dodger,
Firstly, the link is loading up in " Summary " so if you were to click on say " Accounts " then “Summary” would appear where you see “Petitions” prior to login .
I use KEPLR linked to Metamask as I manually burnt ENG to SCRT prior to the Exchanges supporting the swap thus have little experience of using Puzzle ( looked at linking my Nano X but to complicated at the time ) other than to monitor the chain.
I will suggest @tor ( secret foundation ) will be the man to resolve your issue ( by marking at tor it has alerted him to the conversation )
I checked the your address on

and found you so your address is on the chain which is good news.
Sorry you are experiencing stress but as someone who is also on a steep learning curve I fully understand though do believe it is all worth it in the long run.
Please keep the faith & I am sure tor or another senior member of the group can help you .
I am sorry my knowledge is not at their level Dodger
Just click on the " Secret Network Block Explorer " box in the middle of this message & it will take you to your account on the chain.
Cheers Michael

Hi MickeyT
Thanks very much for the reply and info. I could have used KEPLR but the original source also suggested using my hard wallet (Ledger) and Puzzle.report, having first swapped my ENG for SCRT on Binance.
Glad to see that my address is genuine on the Secret Network Explorer, which I have now bookmarked. I take your point about @tor and will now try to send my SCRT from Binance again. Hope it succeeds this time. If not, will contact @tor as suggested. Many thanks. Will be in touch.

Welcome Dodger,
Let me know if you have success then you can be my mentor.
Cheers Michael

I have managed to successfully transfer my SCRT from Binance to Puzzle. I suspect Binance was the cause as the process in Puzzle was simple to follow thanks to your previous help. Cheers! :100: