Binance SWAP ENG to SCRT

Hello Secret Network community,

I was looking for an information regarding the SWAP but I didn’t find it, maybe I didn’t search enough!
I learnt few days ago that Enigma has been renamed Secret Network and that a new token SCRT has been created to replace the current ENG.

I read a lot that the SWAP will be a 1 for 1, but I’m quite skeptical… currently 1 ENG worth 0,0000528 BTC and 0,00000076 (on Yobit, the only exchange I found with SCRT). Which is a quite huge difference… !
So my question is, how the SWAP can be 1 for 1 ? Will I have after the SWAP 1 ENG and 1 SCRT or just 1 SCRT with the deletion of the 1 ENG ?

Many thanks for the enlightenment,
Have a great evening

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The SCRT on YoBit is a different coin which is NOT Secret Network. Please do not buy it.

Secret (SCRT) is not currently listed on exchanges. Learn more here:

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Thank you for your fast answer tor
Does that mean the value of SCRT will the one of ENG the day of the SWAP ?

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I am curious to understand that too, and what the total and circulating supply of SCRT will be.