Why does the Enigma Explorer show no activity? But it does on Github

by elevendayempire The testnet explorer’s own stats show that of the 150 tasks submitted to the network to date, two of them have been completed successfully. There has been no activity on the testnet since 16th January. Am I being dense and misreading it?

The Enigma Github, by contrast, has been extremely active.

SantaAnaStudio Hey, I know you’ve been following for awhile so probably also just want an explanation. I wonder if maybe Github controls the testnet codebase? Who is submitting to the testnet explorer? Is it the node operators and how does that work? Could they also have those requests posted to Github where the team is tracking them closely? I can’t actually read the requests on testnet, can you? 148 bombed does not sound like the Enigma team to me and it looks more like a bug report or crashes and that could be one or two corrections made on Github that stops the flow of failures. Who knows…

Here is the original post from Reddit.



Hi @Eve,

Thanks for your question about the Enigma testnet explorer stats and the reddit questions. I’ve added this to the dev-help issues. The team is addressing issues found during the 1st Testnet launch fyi. I don’t believe it’s actually up and running atm. The re-launch is coming …

I think the question on how the Enigma testnet explorer works is interesting. I couldn’t find the repo for it, but either the team or I will follow-up with you when there’s more info.

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