Why are the ENG and SCRT prices different?

ENG is at about 0.40$ on Coingecko, while SCRT is at 0.30$ https://www.binance.com/en/trade/SCRT_BTC

Why? The project behind is the same, so they should have the same value

WTF … just the day after i wrote this thread , the SCRT price surged to get aligned with ENG.
So my evaluation was correct. ENG and SCRT have the same value, and someone reading my thread took advantage of it and bought SCRT massively.

Please reveal yourself, smart trader ( if he’s someone from this forum ).

The price of eng is meaningless. It has no liquidity… also eng and scrt are not pegged in price to each other. The swap ratio is 1:1 and will not change based on price.


Mam pytanie na temat przesyłu ENG.
Przesłałem ENG z ledgera na metamask na adres ETH. Na adresie nic sie nie pojawilo. W czym zrobilem blad?