Voting power. Is it a big deal?

Scrt is in a delicate situation right now.

New users are being lead by airdrops to get involved into governance. Great idea, they should feel they are part of the network.

What is not so good, that most airdrops are measuring involvement by simply checking if they voted. Unfortunately this leads to rash decisions, which combined with lacking policy can lead to a very dangerous outcome.

Let me explain.

This network has functioned with a hardcore base through thick and thin. A small team knows what’s happening at all times, voting is easy.

This small network now starts to grow. The hard core of experienced people in the know gets diluted by fresh new users, starting to dilute the knowledge.

Now, because this is the crypto world, we want and need to move fast. 100x in 6 months, woohoo!

But. For this we need to onboard 100x new users. That makes the core of knowledge to just 1% of the network. 99% see the voting page for the first time.

They - the 99% - are voting blindly.

How is this dangerous?

People who don’t know how to vote but are required to, will vote in -mostly- one of 2 ways. Either they are voting with the majority, or they are voting abstain. Check the voting page. Yes and abstain are more and more used by more and more people.

All any bad actor needs to do is to have a team of voters early at the polls, who are voting the required outcome. The 99% will follow.

Without extra motivation, the vote would be rejected without enough turnover. Honest people would prefer not to vote rather than vote blindly. But by voting, regardless if they voted with the majority or abstained, the ignorant are helping dangerous or harmful policy come to fruition.

This is why it is absolutely necessary that voters are informed.

This is misleading. No token airdrops have been given for participating in governance.

Agents have been awarded 5 ‘Agent Points’ since the Mission V12 - Support Democracy came out in October. Up until now ‘Agent Points’ have not been redeemable for any token rewards or airdrops of any kind. And 5 ‘Agent Points’ is the lowest point score you can get for any mission in the mission booklet.

We do incentivise Agents with SCRT to help with our Awareness campaigns by sharing network announcements & joining social media channels for new projects.


No token airdrops have been given for participating in governance.


Great. Now we have a reason to be vary of using airdrops in this way. But since voting is a popular way of allocating airdrops in the cosmos chain, it is safe to say that people are expecting it.

If this small error is the only fault in my reasoning, should we assume you agree with the rest of it?

And thank you for the info on rewards, it is appreciated.

I missed this post. Yes. I’m very concerned if any airdrop on SCRT in the future just looks at voting record. There are a lot of fake accounts just voting and not even staking. Kind of sad

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