Fake On Chain Metrics

Hi All,

I’m looking through the voting on props and really disappointed with what I see. If you go take a sample of 10-20 votes on the most recent props it’s very easy to see the majority of this is fake engagement. Let’s dive into one of the more egregious examples.

Look at this wallet (https://secretnodes.com/secret/chains/secret-4/accounts/secret1sdxr26nedn2nqyglvgrjqraara96kfaxchjtft)

Step 1: Seeded From Binance (This is normal)
Step 2: Votes On Gov Props (Not yet staking, not normal)
Step 3: Delegates (Whatever, sure)
Step 4: Sends 0.1 - 0.2 SCRT to 7 Other Wallets.
Step 5: Continues to Vote on Props on All Other Wallets

So, clearly this is engagement farming. It gets more interesting once Blackbox is introduced. The user is sophisticated enough to seed the wallets privately (example: https://secretnodes.com/secret/chains/secret-4/accounts/secret1ph8mtfwxsyp394tnrnjg92pfds7l8maqvguan9). Can whoever is doing this just stop it? I don’t see how this helps the chain. We’re just making a lot of noise to understand how the community really thinks on this gov pops.

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Could just be people hoping to become eligible for future airdrops that require voting? Probably not anyone that’s actually active in our community.


Thank you for this. I didn’t think to check the voting on chain. Unfortunately, asking them to stop will not be enough.