Thoughts about Soulbound & Secret NFT

Have you guys read about vitalik’s soulbound article?
NFTs that are 1) untrasferable 2) privacy preserved
can be used for numerous applications like DID, resume, etc from real world application.
So I thought Secret NFTs are the most applicable for above features! So anyone working or know any team working on DID or real world application with Secret NFTs?

Also, As I’m not developer, would untransferability can enforced with secret Contracts?
I want to know your opinions!

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Yea I did consider doing this. But decided to focus on fractionalized NFTs instead, which I just posted in the forums. Having said that, if it is untransferrable, you might be referring to NTTs.

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Wouldn’t that lead to chain pollution?

Meaning a lot more tokens created and a lot more contracts created for every single piece of digital information.

I haven’t written the documentation yet, but this has already been coded along with some other stuff. SNIP-722 will be an extension for badges and POAPs, which also include the ability to have non-transferable tokens. Other things that have been coded that will go into a SNIP-723 extension is a BatchNftDossier query and a NumTokensOfOwner query

Honestly I’ve never heard about NTTs… I think I should check it out right away!

Yeah I agree, but I think it would have more upside than downside. Also, if scalability is improvable with current technologies, we would be able to handle it.

Can you give any related document or pages involving with it? I’m willing to learn about it…