Secret NFTs: Privacy for Verifiable Goods and Experiences

New blog post now available! Thanks @jlwaugh for this awesome overview. Read about non-fungible Secret Tokens, which enable verifiable representation of unique items and events, such that ownership and transactions are private by default.

This post introduces the concept of Secret NFTs: non-fungible tokens with programmable privacy features that live on Secret Network. These unique items can be used for a variety of purposes, but generally, we believe tokens ought to be private if they represent our personal goods and experiences. Secret NFTs are perfect for these types of use cases.

Secret NFTs can be game-changing for all kinds of industries: art, science, entertainment, business, politics, and society overall. However, this would not be possible without contracts running on a blockchain with privacy by default. Learn more about our vision and how you can join the effort to bring Secret NFTs to life!

Contribute to Secret NFTs!

If you’re interested in contributing to the SNIP-721 spec, jump into the GitHub repo linked below:

To participate in the conversation around Secret NFTs, you can also join our dev committee, which meets every Monday at 3pm UTC. There’s also an official Discord channel for discussion about Secret NFTs and their use cases. Everyone is welcome to participate in developing a standard for these privacy-preserving Secret NFTs, which are intended for usage across the multiverse of blockchains.

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