Secret NFTs and Verifiable Credentials

There was a good conversation regarding how NFTs are sub-optimal for verifiable credentials in Self-Sovereign Identity use cases:

Most of the points made were in reference to NFTs on Ethereum and their lack of privacy. I expect that many of the points made against NFTs for verifiable credentials would not apply to Secret NFTs on the Secret Network.

Is anyone aware of a prototype example (or paper) of Secret NFTs for verifiable credentials? Would Secret NFTs used as verifiable credential properly address the concerns mentioned in the above interview?

My initial thought is that Secret NFTs would be an ideal approach for Self-Sovereign Identity use cases. Let me know if you think that thought is misplaced.

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I have not watched the video, but I am very interested in this topic. I believe Secret NFTs can be used for verifiable credentials because the personal identifying information can be protected and shown only to those who need to see it. For example I’d like to see NFTs used to issue digital badges on chain to certify knowledge and skills. Professional certifications if you will. Any organization could in theory define the educational and work requirements to earn the badge and if potential badge earners meet the criteria then they get awarded a Secret NFT that contains public information like a cool graphic and explanation of what was required to earn the badge and then private information to verify the identify of the earner.
I’ll watch the video and would love to discuss more.

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So after watching the video, clearly these two would benefit from learning about the potential of Secret NFTs. Many of the concerns they raised are due to the lack of privacy on public chains. I’m not aware of any projects on Secret today that is looking at verifiable credentials with NFTs, but I’d love to learn if there is. Like I said in my other post this combination would be perfect for on-chain professional certifications. There is a technical standard for “open badges” that is popular for digital credentials Digital Badges | IMS Global Learning Consortium I think we could make that standard work even better by using the privacy features of Secret NFTs.