The coming airdrop - Can someone explain it to me?

I read this about coming airdrop to all SCRT owners. However, I didnt understand some of it, because, well, its not sayed there and nowhere else either.

So WHERE EXACTLY are those tokens/coins coming to if I have staked my SCRT? My wallet? So WHERE EXACTLY can I see the $SILK and $SHADE tokens (in my Keplr wallet for example or where) and use them? My wallet? Where there exactly?

I think the whole news is very vague and no pages that I can find explain ANY OF THIS. Yes, there are some SILK and SHADE “things” that are really supercool…but nobody, literally, nobody, nowhere explains WHERE EXACTLY ARE THEY VISIBLE/USABLE!?! I have spend quite a lot of time trying to figure it out and no, no information about the subject can be found anywhere in the net.

They’ll be visible in the same way that every other token on Secret Network is, in the tokens section of the Keplr Wallet. The snapshots take place up until December 13th, so I’d expect the airdrop to be later in December or early January (this is my guess, I do not represent them). If the airdrop were now (it isn’t) you’d have to make a viewing key like everything else, but they will be using the permit system that will be an easier user experience.

TL;DR: They’ll show up in your Secret Network wallet as a token, and more info and tutorials will come out later.


Thank you for clear and simple answer!

So the tokens will come automatically without me making a viewing key / permit system, I only need the viewing key to actually view them?

How can I know what tokes are there in my wallet without making such viewings key? Do I have to create such key to every token in there just that I can check whether or not I actually have tokenX and tokenY in my wallet?

All SNIP-20 tokens on Secret require a viewing key to be added to Keplr by nature of SNIP-20 tokens being “secret tokens”. There is typically a viewing key wizard but its out of service until the next Keplr upgrade. In the meantime you can add keys via the Secret Swap UI (by clicking view balance for a token you set in a pair) or on the bridge UI.

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So I HAVE TO add those keys to those tokens or otherwise Im not going to get them via airdrop?

Or do I need those keys simply to be able myself to see them?

The keys allow you to view SNIP-20 tokens. If you hold any SNIP-20 tokens in your wallet, they will be there whether you have the viewing key or not.

As for the SHADE drop? I imagine there will be a page to claim the drop since the snapshot crosses three chains.

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