What token transaction information is NOT private?

I am reading that SCRT coin transactions are not private, but all tokens are private.

What part of token transactions are private on the Secret Network? If wallet A sends quantity N of token T to wallet B, does the public record reflect A, N, T, or B?

Looking at the block explorer, I see many “wallet A interacted with contract T” so I think wallet A and token T are publicized, while the recipient wallet B or the quantity N are not revealed.

You’re correct, but also you can’t assume that A sent tokens. Maybe they updated their viewing key or set an allowance. So essentially you know that account A executed contract T, but you don’t know what function was called inside T with what parameters.


Clarification via example:

If wallet A sends 100 sSCRT to wallet B this will happen:

  • Block explorer denotes that wallet A interacted with the sSCRT smart contract (It is not known whether this was a send, buy of NFT, viewing key etc. Amount of tokens is also unknown)
  • Wallet B will NOT have an interaction listed on chain (aka on the block explorer)
  • Wallet B can use their viewing key to decrypt the receiving transaction so will see the Address of the sender and the amount they got.

So in general, paying someone in SNip-20 tokens means you give away your own address. You can circumvent this by using a private walllet or using blackbox.cash deaddrop functionality.