Sputnik Network supports Secret Network

Friends, do you know, that you can easily send SCRT in Telegram or Twitter?

In Twitter you need to comment any twitt and write:
@username scrt #sputnik

For example:
@ponimajushij 1.234scrt #sputnik

It means, that you will send to user of Twitter @ponimajushij (it’s me) 1.234 SCRT

It will automaticly sent from your balance.
To deposit somthing on your balance just login to https://sputnik.exchange/ with your Twitter account.
And there you will see all your funds, and how to deposit and withdraw.

Also, you can combine your Twitter and Telegram accounts, and have one balance for both accounts.
Because in Telegram you can start bot t.me/SputnikNetworkBot and send tips with 3 clicks to any other user in telegram, who is starting bot too.

Sputnik supports Secret Network! :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

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Also, in Telegram you can p2p-exchange SCRT with ATOM, KAVA, IOV, HARD and USDX.

Here is fast guide how to do it:

Here is you can find a video guide how to use Sputnik in Telegram and Twitter:

That’s cool! Thanks for sharing this!
Can you please post a PR to this repo (in the wallets section) with the relevant links?

For the record, you can also do this with the community funded SCRT tipbot by SG-1:

I will try to find it, I just didn’t find it from the begining)

I’m new at this forum.
As usual I use Telegram and Discord, and I can find a wallet section)
Can you help me, and show the best place for this topic?

I’m guessing you’re not experienced github so you can disregard my request :sweat_smile:
The document i linked is just a collection of useful links. I’ll add the links myself later :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you right. I just begin to use GitHub, and for me it’s something new :sweat_smile:
I know how to create pool request, and how to create issue… But most of the time I use Telegram, Twitter, Discord and Medium, and there are so many activity, that i just don’t have free time to use something else)
I join this forum just because it was one of the requirements for becoming a Secret Agent.
To be true, I don’t understand why people still use forums, when we have a Discord. It’s the same like a forum, but much more useful and effectively…

Github is very cool and nice for collective actions of small groups, Telegram is nice for working with big coomunity.

Twitter is terrible, as my opinion, but too much people in twitter, and if you want to spread an idea, you need to use this tool.
And forums? Looks like this is old tradition, like to visit church. Here is very silent, a little people, very small functionality, and several holy people, who are cares about this place)

But if to help to Secret Network we need to register at forum - no problems! Secret Agents ready for everything, just to help to the project! :muscle:

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