Seeding New Addresses with sSCRT & SCRT pseudo anonymously


Credit to moniker “c” on telegram for bringing up this idea. Currently, it appears there is no way to anonymously seed a new address with sSCRT & SCRT.

Core Problem
You can send sSCRT to a new address and have said transaction obfuscated, but you can’t convert sSCRT → SCRT at this new address because there is no gas at the new address. If you send SCRT to this new address, you have officially made a link that reduces your anonymity.

Proposed solution:
A sSCRT to SCRT contract that sends sSCRT to a specified address, as well as a randomized block-time conversion from sSCRT to SCRT at the specified address.

Would love thoughts and feedback on this tricky problem.

This exact idea has already been described here, waiting for someone to flesh it out and implement it :slight_smile:

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This will probably work, but this contract will have to get a lot of traffic in order to provide decent anonymity. (I.e. more traffic = better anonymity set)

There is another solution…

Notes and a relayer to deliver SCRT when note is spent.