SecretAuctions - Decentralized OTC

Hey all,

Now that the Secret Network Ethereum bridge is live and Secret Network is providing privacy to ETH and 14 ERC20s, let’s get to some fun! Today we are going to use the secret auction contract built by Secret Network contributor Baedrick to demonstrate the first trustless, non-custodial and privacy preserving Over-The-Counter trade for crypto-assets.

If you are creating auctions, please use this thread to let the community know. Since we don’t have a UI at the moment, let’s use this thread to keep each other informed :slight_smile:

Sneak peak, the first auction is for 100 secretSCRT at min price 0.115 secretETH. I will keep the auction open until Thursday 10 am PT :slight_smile:

Detailed Secret Auction post can be found here


if smbody gets it working on andorid /termux please ping me