Running secret auctions

Hello guys,
For the purpose of my end of study project as a computer engineer, i have an e-government project, which is about governemental auctions with ethereum.
I have builded my smart contracts : AuctionFactory which deploy an auction with function “createauction()”, i just want to run the function “endauction()” which computes the winner of an auction in the new enigma discovery network , and also i want to encrypt the bid data from my front end which is written in angular js.
Is it possible with the actual new discovery version ? Could anyone help me, I am a little bit out of time for my project so it would be great if some one could help me or advise me.
Thanks guys.

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It’s great that you’re considering building part of your project with Enigma. Unfortunately, the testnet is not available to test on yet and the developers you would need to help with your project are very busy trying to make testnet happen as soon as possible. Bug hunting. If you have time enough to wait, I would start by checking out the new developer release.

Hey @amine,

The Discovery developer release is out, more documentation to follow next week. You are able to build a secret auction with this. I believe in a month or so we will have a sample secret auction contract for the community to build on