Internal hackathon - getting ready for incentivized testnet!

Last week was hands down one of the best weeks at Enigma. The entire development team took a breather and spent the week hacking together secret apps on top of Secret Network v2. The idea was to get our hands dirty, experiment, and test out how stable things are.

The week turned out to be extremely successful (not to mention a ton of fun), with some pretty cool (and some even quite polished) ideas coming to life. Here’s a quick breakdown of what got built this week:

  • Secret Hold Em (@assafmo) - a fair, fully trustless version of Poker running on the blockchain. This was in fact quite polished - equipped with a nice graphical web UI. This was a great showcase of what Secret Contracts can achieve.

  • Secret SCRT - Privacy tokens!! (@Cashmaney) - This is huge okay? Imagine if you could take any asset (any coin, token or derivative) and transform it into a completely private token. That’s exactly what this example does. It’s an ERC-20-like private token (making this post from two years ago a reality) that specifically takes in SCRT and locks it, and in return mints secretSCRT - a privacy-preserving version of SCRT. Naturally, this can be done with any asset, not just SCRT.

  • Secret Vault (@Cashmaney) - this secret app (or building block) allows a contract to keep its own private key and in turn sign transactions on-chain. This is definitely not possible with any blockchain today (as that private key would be immediately revealed to the world) and is a very interesting concept that can be used in many use-cases.

  • Secret Lottery (@toml) - Fair lottery on the blockchain! Fully trustless and on-chain, without external operators.

  • Secret Battleships (@reuven) - Battleships implementation on-chain! State and actions remain private as game progresses.

All of these ideas were impractical or impossible under normal blockchain conditions, so we felt they illustrated well the power of Secret Network and Secret Contracts as opposed to ‘normal’ blockchain applications.

Naturally, these are hackathon level PoCs and not complete products, but nevertheless, this is quite amazing!