Secret Auction Web App is LIVE on Mainnet!

The first and only crypto auction platform with privacy by default is now LIVE. Bid for any secret token, with any secret token. Try it now!

Secret AMM is Live on Testnet!

In this post you’ll:

  • See a video series demonstrating the functionality
  • Learn more about use-cases and future direction
  • Learn what’s next for Secret DeFi!

See the Secret Auctions Live here.

Have questions or want to test? Come join our community in the #auction-support channel on the Secret Chat.

Thanks for reading!


Great work on auctions :muscle:t5:

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Awesome work here!!!


:trophy: #1 Best Secret Application 2021! :trophy:

so far…


incredible stuff! So cool to see this live on mainnet! :star_struck:


Very cool. One possible improvement would be to remove the generic icons and use the actual crypto icons being traded (icon/icon). Would make browsing a bit more seamless if you’re not filtering for a specific pair.

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