Secret py is live

Hi there,

We’re excited to soft release secretpy into the world and lay the first stone towards building a python dev community. The codebase lives here and the package is secret-sdk.

First, props to the team from which this work is a fork of and to the secret-js contributors for trail blazing. With this soft release we’re hoping to onboard active users & future contributors into the ecosystem, we will do a formal announcement early Feb once we’ve started receiving feedback from users.

We’re hoping to create a thriving python dev community where anyone is be able to contribute to the codebase (for now Stephane, gmail & I will review the PRs), improve documentation & make tutorials, fork it to make python apps (staking bots, analytics tools, tx parsers, liquidity optimizers …), or simply move over js code & bash subprocess into your favorite programming language etc …
We’re currently thinking of a way to reward contributors via incentives - token wise, hackathon or others, so feel free to come say hi !

Office hours will be mostly async in a newly created discord channel #secret-python under the Developers section, we plan on offering a bit of support as well during the Data committee weekly wednesday meeting.

There should be plenty of opportunities to contribute to the package in 2022 as the network upgrade to newest tendermint endpoints and version:

  • We plan on keeping package in sync with secret-js and network updates. There will be a new branch created with new endpoints and protobuf work which has been scopped, from which we will iterate.

  • Create new modules / utils that have community use cases: for instance staking module, gov module etc …

We’re looking forward to contributing to this thriving ecosystem,

SCRT LabRador & Superfish (cow level)


That’s some good news! Thanks!