Secret Developer Tutorials - Looking for contractor

Hey Secret community! As you might know, we will be adding support for Secret on DataHub ((Community Pool Proposal) DataHub - Secret Network Integration) and we would like to use some of the funds received via the community pool to commission 5 specific text-based tutorials for Secret developers.

The tutorials will be hosted on and be made available in the DataHub dashboard so developers can easily learn how to build on Secret. We already have a template and examples for other networks so the work would imply porting the tutorial format to match Secret’s structure. They are:

  1. Connect to a Secret Node with DataHub
  2. Create your first Secret account
  3. Query the Secret blockchain
  4. Send your first Secret transaction
  5. Write and deploy your first Secret smart contract

If you are interested to contribute and feel like you have the right skills for the task, we will pay $500 in SCRT to the candidate we select. Please apply here and I’ll reach out!

Thank you!

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@Yannick_Figment You can put me on the keen list

Great, messaging you!