Secret Network Guerrilla Marketing Collective-Updated Proposal

Hello everyone,

We’ve made a number of significant changes to the Guerrilla Marketing charter. You’ll notice we are no longer interested in framing this initiative as a committee. Please access it here:


We welcome any and all critiques that are actually constructive and not divisive in nature.



I like the idea of, “Feet on the ground” marketing. However, I’m a bit weary of randomly targeting large geographical areas to see what sticks.

What I would fully support is Guerilla Marketing at large conventions. For instance, are we doing any advertising at the Bitcoin convention in Miami going on now? At these larger conventions the density of people who would be interested in hearing about Secret Network would be much larger.

Do we currently have anything like this? And would it be a big ask that the Guerilla Marketing start by going to areas while they are hosting relevant events/conventions?

Good luck with the SNAC!

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We’re not framing this as a SNAC-we will go on chain for this. We’re hoping to bring about new ways of open and cooperative community engagement.


I will ask the same question as I did in the previous thread.

Do you have any data and expectations for scans per sticker?

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Since the program hasn’t gone through yet we don’t have data on them.

If you are asking about conversion rates - its very difficult to assess it without conducting a large sample size study first (which is essentially the first step of our proposal) so a better way of assessing potential is basically know the general foot traffic of the areas in question and assuming 1-5% conversion rate.


I understand this can be tough. Is there research on conversion rates for QR codes in public places?

And if there is nothing to go by, I would at least expect the proposal to have a target at which point you believe as a team the project is successful.

A KPI is only a performance indicator when there is a target, otherwise, it is just an indicator, without performance. So I would like to see a target in your KPI chapter with some substantiation by which we can all conclude at the end of your campaign if it is successful, and should have continued funding.

I personally believe 1-5% conversion rate is way over the top. I think you can celebrate a 1-3% notice rate of people noticing there is a QR to scan. Of which maybe 1-3% will actually scan it, but I’m just throwing some numbers here, I’m sure Google has more eloquent answers.


Available data on QR code conversion rates is overwhelmingly product specific. I was unable to find any data relating to general QR code marketing campaigns in public places. Our deliverables will include: 1. Recruiting members to run campaigns (and supplying them with stickers and merch), 2. Paying members for completed tasks and campaigns, and 3. Compiling data on each campaign (which will be presented to the community in a report). Ultimately, it will be up to the community to decide (based on the data) whether or not this initiative was a success and whether or not it should be renewed.


Also, KPIs and goals are 2 separate things. A KPI does not need a target, a KPI is a measure of progress towards your target, i.e. the “target” for our campaign is to raise awareness for Secret Network, the KPI that tells us if we’re making progress towards that target is the number of scans per QR sticker campaign.

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This proposal is now on-chain.


Proposal 41 will be used to gauge community interest in the Guerrilla Marketing Collective idea. Depending on the results of this proposal we will re-submit as a spend proposal.

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Hi Elie,

Can you provide more details on the design of your collective?

What do the t-shirts and hats look like? Can you also show the “MVP” of the QR for everyone to see as well?

I see you’ve outlined:

  • Minimum of 5 high traffic areas (high traffic area categories are defined below)
    • Art Venues
    • Concert Halls
    • Museums
    • Tourist attractions
    • Major landmarks

Aside from the free avenues, what’s the strategy for the paid venues?

Can you also provide headshots of everyone who is going to be the face of this collective?

Thanks for putting this together.


Tor and I were there in person having conversations and handing out Hats + T-Shirts. Plan to attend more conventions as they come up. Already planning to attend some in the Fall.


The designs haven’t yet been finalized as we wanted to make this process collaborative. In regards to the paid venues and the headshots, please give me some time to discuss with the other proposers and I will get back to you with answers shortly.

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@Elie thank you putting this proposal together!

Have you guys considered guerilla marketing targeted to developers at hackathons, conventions, meetups, etc? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m floating around the University of Montreal till October. I will plant some guerilla SN tracks up the path that leads into the campus.


Hey Laura, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We will be adding your idea to our final charter which will be released in a couple of days.

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Awesome, I look forward to reading your revised charter!

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