Secret Finance (Bridge) sScrt → wScrt transfer failed


I failed in 𝕊ecret Finance (Bridge) sScrt → wScrt transfer 3 days ago.

–The following is the error display content–

Transfer failed!
For more information
https: //
Please access # :bridge_at_night:bridge-support and specify the operation ID.
The transaction IDs are: 3f95695f-8291-4b12-9896-4f488a5b52fd

–End of display–

I want to know two points

① When searching for a public server, the Discord server of [# :bridge_at_night:bridge-support] was not found.
② I want to find out by myself from [transaction ID], but I don’t know where it can be used.

I think this is a rudimentary question, but can you tell me?

Thank you.