Scrt Bridge transaction to BSC not functional? Please help

I am trying out the SCRT Bridge functionality and I was able to move a few ADA from my BSC network to SCRT.
I am trying move the same amount back to BSC, using the scrt.bridge as used for the previous movement.
All I see is the coins tab loading forever and stuck at the same point where I can’t see my balance or put in a valid value.
I see the correct sADA balance in my Keplr wallet so the coins are there and the initial bridging from BSC to SCRT has worked fine.
It is only an issue when I try and do a revert of this transaction that I am not able to make any progress.
I am attaching a screenshot as well of what I see in my window. I am basically stuck at this window for hours.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.