Secret Code Podcast - SNAC Update

Link to the initial SNAC Application Thread: [APPROVED] SNAC Proposal - Secret Code Podcast - #17 by Ewais001

Well, we have done it! We’ve gone above and beyond what we thought was reasonable growth goals! At the time of writing this we have released 5 episodes, and have 577 Unique Downloads. We also got our YouTube channel up and running, and have 30 subscribers and 213 views so far!

Youtube: Secret Code Podcast Ep 5: Ian Dixon - YouTube

We said we’d have two written works too, and we are at exactly two, but have been focusing our time on building a lot more.

Medium: Paulie’s Paradox: Anonymity and Transparency | by Secret Code Podcast | Aug, 2021 | Medium

Beyond this, we have set up our own node (Secret Code Podcast Node) and have a functional website:

We also got to hire others in the community to create our logo and YouTube intro transition!

What’s next for us?

We are going to continue working as hard as we can to grow and better our content. Eventually we could grow to actual video interviews, or even potentially live streams. We are also planning on creating lots of tutorials! We are hoping that our node grows and becomes a stream of income to support these endeavors, but will revisit the idea of an on-chain support proposal should that not be the case.

We’re honored and humbled by our project’s reception by the community and hope we can keep making you proud. We will continue growing and working hard to be the community-led media hub for the Secret Network.