Secret Code Podcast - Q4 Update

Secret Code Podcast - Q4 Update

The Secret Code Podcast was funded for Q4 2021 according to the passed proposal discussed here in the forum: Secret Code Podcast Spending Proposal. Now that the period is over we are writing here to share how our growth lined up with our goals, and what our next steps will be moving forward.

Our enumerated goals were:

  • Reach 300 youtube subscribers
  • Have a video reach 1000 views
  • Have a total of 10k YouTube views
  • Have 2.5k unique downloads

As of writing this we have:

  • 461 youtube subscribers
  • Our top video has over 2500 views (Shade Reveal!)
  • We have a total of over 9k views, but that goal was also based on dropping weekly tutorials which was nixed due to forum feedback.
  • Over 4.4k unique downloads

Moving forward we are considering the Secret Code Podcast Node as a currently sustainable model to fund our work, and are NOT asking for more community-pool funding at this time!

Though we are not asking for funding, we’ll still happily share our current plans for our growth in Q1. We have hired Joe M as a producer and editor. We will continue to produce at least one episode per week. We have now made several tutorials (such as: How to Buy SCRT in the U.S. Tutorial - Coinbase and Osmosis - YouTube) and will continue to make tutorials at our discretion. We also plan to incorporate live-streams from our YouTube channel beginning in January, which will allow for direct audience engagement, something that has been at the heart of our mission since inception.

We are grateful for the warm reception we’ve received from this community, and to all of the wonderful guests who have shared their stories and projects on our show! We look forward to helping facilitate the inevitable growth of Secret Network in any way we can.

Onwards and Upwards!

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Great job! I’d be glad to try and assist if I can with amplifying reach through sharing video links with my Twitter followers. Cheers.


Congratz Eric,

Awesome to see you hit those goals! I’m sure the live streams will give you even more traction.

Good luck, and looking forward to your next update (and next podcast).


Congratulations mate, really happy for the team and you!