Secretnodes has been sunset

In case people didn’t know, it looks like Ian has decided not to fulfill the initial proposal of delivering a proper explorer, for which we paid hundreds of thousands of scrt.

So hopefully he’ll proceed for refunding this rug and the community will remember not to fund anything involved with him ever again.

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Dear Secret Network Community,

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the sunsetting of, formerly known as Puzzle.Report. We embarked on this journey as a result of Proposal 8 on the Secret Network, which aimed to create a dedicated explorer for the Secret Network ecosystem. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity and support we received from the community throughout this endeavor.

Since its inception, has served as a vital resource for the Secret Network community, exchanges, and individuals discovering the potential of the Secret Network. At its peak, we witnessed over 50,000 unique visitors per month sustained for some time, which is a testament to the importance the platform played during a crucial time within our ecosystem.

Over the past three years, we dedicated ourselves to building out 85% of the features promised in our initial proposal. We invested significant time, effort, and money beyond the initial funding, including the contribution of two developers, a UX/UI designer, and feature research. While we were able to deliver on many of the anticipated features, we also encountered challenges along the way, we encountered limited interest and usage in several promised features telling us the market did not validate our initial assumptions and making it increasingly challenging to continue allocating resources to features no one used. It was also uniquely challenging to maintain a database backed explorer with all the data structure changes from network upgrades along the way.

While it is possible to invest more to complete the initial features, we do not believe there is market interest given todays alternatives such as Mintscan. So regrettably, despite our best efforts, we have come to the realization that sustaining full-time development of the explorer is not economically viable. It is important for us to ensure the responsible allocation of our own limited funds and focus on endeavors that can have a more sustainable impact within the Secret Network ecosystem, in this case we believe that is Blizzard.Finance.

We want to express our gratitude to the Secret Network community for the support and engagement over the years on this product. Your feedback, suggestions, and encouragement have been invaluable throughout this journey. We also want to extend our sincere appreciation to the team members who contributed their time and expertise to the development and maintenance of

Moving forward, we will continue to build within the Secret Network ecosystem and actively support projects and initiatives that align with our mission. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the Secret Network community and look forward to witnessing its continued success.


Ian & Jacob