Secret Agency Executive Summary Q3 2022

Greetings Agents,

Our Q3 Executive summary requested by the community can be found here.

We invite you all to leave feedback on our scope & progress in this thread, and for specific points related to our proposed signalling DAO over in this thread.

This was a collaborative effort by @AnewbiZ007, @sean_pop, myself & all of our contributing Agents. Thank you to all!

If you are building on Secret & not yet connected to the Secret Agency then get in touch! Our mission is to help you:

-Grow your community
-Spread news & announcements
-Create content audio/visual/written for dApps & tooling
-Translate your content into many languages
-Squish bugs & improve UI/UX
-Host & appear on podcasts & AMA’s
-Moderate your social channels
-Represent your product @ events & universities worldwide
& much much more.

We are strongest together.