Secret Africa X Cryptocurrency Academy Kenya Partnership

Secret Africa Partners with Cryptocurrency Academy Kenya

Cryptocurrency Academy is a Web3 and Blockchain education service provider, incorporated in the Democratic Republic of Kenya under Hive Mind Limited. We are fostering blockchain and cryptocurrency education in Kenya, Africa, and globally through Cryptocurrency Academy the education provider, and Crypto n Fun the event’s organizers.

Cryptocurrency Academy’s aim is to transit individuals, businesses, and investors on all matters of cryptocurrency and blockchain through education.

With over 300% growth across all its education avenues since its inception in 2020, Cryptocurrency Academy is targeting to educate and build career opportunities for over 10,000 people on matters of crypto by the year 2025 through quarterly classes and monthly educational activities.

Cryptocurrency Academy provides educational tools to onboard our community (Individuals and businesses) through online and offline activities.

TG: Telegram: Contact @CryptoCurrencyAcademia
Discord : Cryptocurrency Academy


Cryptocurrency Academy educational avenues telegram and Twitter has grown to 6,500 on Twitter and 2,700 on telegram since 2020. We have been providing one-off education sessions where we recorded the 300% growth and interest in crypto and blockchain topics for instance;

Since 2017 they trained over 5,000 people through different education programmes such as the ones listed below.

Screenshot (214)

In 2022 through the first cohort of into web 3 which will be starting this September, we have 150 registrants where 52 have showed interest in blockchain development, 57 cryptocurrency trading, 61 telegram moderators, 64 community managers, 38 web 3 graphics, 55 discord moderation. Some of the participants displayed interest in more than one course.

  • Each course is being held on a different day hence giving someone room to participate in more than one course.

  • Outdoor events- we have held 8 successful outdoor events in 2022 where we have reached an average No. of 360 people.

We have qualified Tutors who has more than two years of experience in their respective fields, A depth in communication, A depth in execution, A depth in web3 and blockchain technology.

Events resources

Startups that were inspired by your trainings session?

Hela Money- building cryptobank with a suite of web3 products
Bitcoin Dada- Training women on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Fonbank- Converting crypto currencies to airtime and viceversa.
Bizinkenya- Educating the community on cryptocurrencies
Crypto Afrik- Educating the community on cryptocurrencies

How Old is Cryptocurrency Academy!

Starting off as a WhatsApp group in 2017, Cryptocurrency Academy has grown to be a go-to place for web3, blockchain, and crypto education in Kenya as they witnessed the true potential of blockchain technology making them optimistically deliberate on catalyzing the process of transitioning talent and businesses into Web3 for individuals and businesses.

Purpose Of Partnership

The purpose of this partnership is to create mutual relationships to drive and foster blockchain mass adoption through specialized education to interested individuals and businesses. We have experienced pain points in our learners being able to access mentorship to transition into web3.

Merging Our Goals

Cryptocurrency Academy aims at driving blockchain resources to people in Africa through nurturing talent and transitioning it into web3.

Secret Africa partnership will help drive blockchain inclusion within Africa by providing necessary resources. (Advice, Human Resource, Financial Resources, and Access to The Secret Agency)

Why We Partner!

Access To Kenya’s Grass root Connectivity

Cryptocurrency Academy will train and onboard talent and businesses on grassroots levels and onboard them into web3 where Secret will absorb these trained talents and businesses to reach their optimum potential.
Build Grassroot Networks In Kenya through events, P2P, B2B, education and University Relations.

Trained interhsip will be onboarded into Secret Agency.

Onboard Trained Talent Into Secret Network
A team to orient and introduce how secret Network works to our team and trainees.
Provide blockchain development resources and train our human resources on blockchain development on the secret Blockchain Network and internally absorb them into Secret agency and Secret University.

Onboard Businesses Into Secret Network

Provide financial support to attain our goal of spreading mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based products by providing convenient educational learning tools to instructors, businesses, and individuals and generating Leads to Secret.

Access To Secret Network Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency academy will have access to Secret Network and Secret Agency, access to Secret Job Board, events and opportunities for full time employment to our interns.

Financial Support

Provide financial support to attain our goal of spreading mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based products by providing convenient educational learning tools to instructors, businesses, and individuals.

How Will The Resources Be Used?

The resources will be used to subsidize or waver incurred expenses during the transition program by Cryptocurrency Academy and Crypto N Fun.


Below is their current and ongoing career development kits, secret can choose any course module of their liking to fund and accelerate and absorb talents created.

This partnership will accelerate Secrets network and cryptocurrency academy goals and mission in Africa’s Blockchain Ecosystem.

We look forward to a strong partnership together.

Lead Secret Network Africa
Secret Agent Coordinator
Head of Operation for Africa Partnership

Esther Kendi
Business Development Manager Cryptocurrency Academy

Feedbacks and Questions are highly welcome.


Hello Secret Network Forum. On behalf of Cryptocurrency Academy, I am delighted to be among visionary people who seek to see mass adoption of web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies across Africa.

I welcome all questions, feedback and critics that support our course.


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Did I read this correctly that your ask is 125,000$?

Truthfully, the only one that matters here is “becoming a blockchain developer”.

Can you provide any evidence as to the developers that have been onboarded by the Academy and if they have found any places in established teams today?

Thank you for bringing this to us!


Hahaha no, There’s no ask.

Secret can choose to fund any of the courses they like :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, Orageux 101. The Into web3 careers cohort is the 1st of its kind where we included blockchain specialized focussed development kit gathering 52 candidates interested in the project. We introduced this model due to increased displayed interest by our community members in our other educational activities. We are here to create a way on delivering blockchain classes to the 52 candidates and many more in Kenya campus institutions that we have worked with over the duration of our partnership.

To answer your question, we have not yet trained any blockchain students so far, however, this does not limit us from doing it since we have collected expertise in web education on various topics in Kenya.


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Hello Secret Saturn.

It is our goal to be able to provide the learning instrument at an accessible cost and help our students and community grow, but the thing is the instructors need to be renumerated and the costs allude to what we have shared above. Also, these are some of the web3 education kits we provide, Secret is at liberty to select that which fits best with them to bring value to their ecosystem.


Firstly, i must commend Secret Africa for attracting this Establishment to secret, this shows that the awareness you guys have been creating is showing promise. Also, i commend Cryptocurrency Academy for this initiative of fostering crypto adoption to wider part of Africa.

From your proposal here, i am sure secret will be more interested in getting more developers that are vastly savvy in blockchain technology, my question here is can you buttress on the major skillsets of the team that will tutor the students on blockchain technology?

Also, if this partnership goes through which i am hopeful that it does, what will be the time duration of learning, before the trainees can be absorbed into secret?


Firstly, I would like to recommend the tireless efforts of Secret Africa community to foster the growth of secret and blockchain as a whole in Africa, this is a big step in the adoption of Secret and Web3 in Africa. Also, i would commend Cryptocurrency Academy for their initiative so far, bringing the good news of blockchain to their area through crypto education.

Cryptocurrency Academy will now get to learn more about secret and spread the news within it’s reach.

More winnings for secret Africa community!!


Kudos @Thepopeblack for establishing such a promising initiative. I hope it complement the already existing efforts to increase the adoption of Secret in Africa. I also look forward to more collaborations with other countries in Africa.



Reading giving me joy, see the passion for privacy in the web3 growing and extending across different communities world wide especially in Africa. Because i believe this technology has a lot to offer us . But my major interest is the development aspects in secret Network and its adoption.

Bearly but a few have access and guidance when it comes to web3 development especially with programming language like rust and others that aren’t popular here in Africa and of which Secret Network is built on.

So i urge you to foster the learning of this programming languages and skills towards growing the adoption of this wonderful technology into different areas and applications in Africa .

This is the time to use this technology in different industries and enterprises in Africa,

So i look forward to seeing what you will be doing using Scrts technology, cheers and goodluck with your endeavours .

Good job with what you are doing. Great job Scrt Africa


This potential partnership is a milestone event in the applications and precedence it would establish for Scrt Network in Africa.

Pre-existing initiatives like;

  1. Secret Family
  2. Secret University
  3. Secret Agency

Will greatly benefit from an instant expansion of reach, audience, (indirect) capital and human resources for a vibrant ecosystem of young tech enthusiasts.

That is raw material that can yield significant returns if deployed correctly.

Ofcourse, this is just one of many partnership talks currently underway by the Scrt Africa team headed by @Thepopeblack (I’m also proud to be a part of team and partners). See how this could mark the beginning of a cascade of partnerships and strategic collaborations with major stakeholders and tech communities and hubs across Africa.

This is both attainable and possible. Secret Africa and Cryptocurrency Academy’s partnership is a small, but significant step towards expanding the regional footprint of Blockchain Privacy in Africa.


not really sure what this has to do with secret network and not sure why we should fund courses to become a moderator for discord, telegram or to become a trader.

the only relevant course is to become a web3 developer and as was stated before you don’t have any experience to conduct such a course. we already funded secret university and it might be a better idea to direct any interested person (which we welcome) to these courses.

but funding these courses should not be in the interest of secret network. 125k…

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Am I missing where there was an ask for 125k?

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This is a good one for secret to foster the growth and adoption of secret and its Dapps as in Africa. I’m glad to be part of Secret Africa community. I will recommend secret foundation to see this the partnership between secret Africa and cryptocurrency Academy works to expand secret horizon in Africa.

Look forward to seeing more from secret Africa.


A good initiative i must commend. I hope to see the potentials from this partnership work out for SN Africa. A good time to be part of Secret Africa community. It’s a huge one at that tho.

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This proposal (although not really a proposal) is in my opinion not interesting for the community pool. I get offers weekly from Crypto education platforms all in either their own region or with their own reach. Many of these proposals have better pitch decks and more established teams then the info i found in this proposal.

The reality is that Secret Network has to focus on global education first - mainly developer focused - before there is worth in exploring localised solutions like this. Educating people in local communities about Crypto is nice and all but this does not help the network wide KPIs like # of developers # of active wallets etc.

We already cast a wide net with education from the Secret agency and Developer education from Secret university. We can fund opportunities on top of that like the Barcelona #secret work shops by @SecretSkrillah and going to local events etc.

Casting an even wider net in trying to onboard a very localised community at a cost of ~$300 per user is just a no-go in my opinion. The crypto academy in Kenya can always collaborate with Secret agency to give a few in person workshops if they are willing to significantly decrease their ask. If funds would be required from the community pool then please realise that we request a detailed budget breakdown as laid out in the Governance charter.


Hello @Abdools

Thank you for the positive compliment, we truly appreciate positive energy as it drives us to achieve more.

Circling back to your question, we are handpicking individuals who have years of experience in building Blockchain applications here in Kenya and who have programming experience in React, JS, and Python, and have worked on building on at least two Blockchain. We are also Keen on picking talent that also has the capability to teach, assess and facilitate hackathons for Dapp development.

Are these people we have already?
We have a blockchain engineer who will be advising and assisting in the handpicking of the best Blockchain dev talent from our list of Blockchain developer recruitment applications. We are in the process of preparing ourselves to start training and invite the Secret Network team to be part of the screening process for our trainers as well.

I hope this gives you a clear picture of where we stand.

Happy Sunday.


Hello @ertemann .

Thank you for your feedback. We are open to discussing the way forward and making the training procedure sustainable for both parties.

I love the ideas of starting off with small workshops and scaling from there once forth if need be. We will be sharing our plans on this and drop it in the Governance Charter.


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Great Stuff, thanks for sharing

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