Education committee - Funding proposal period 19feb-31may 2022

This proposal is for the on-chain funding period 19 Feb 2022 - 31 May 2022.

First we want to thank Darren and Stefan for their hard work over the past year, we are looking forward to provide value to the Secret network by taking over the lead of the education committee.

Purpose of the Education Committee

The Education Committee exists to create, update, and manage educational content to accelerate the use and adoption of Secret Network. We work closely with other committees to ensure our output is relevant and supports their and the overarching Secret Network goals. You can find the full Education Charter here

Achievements past funding period:

  • Delivered several high quality articles like “Viewing keys vs Permits – access control”
  • Infographic on SN wallets,, SecretNFTs, SN Dapps and more
  • Regularly updated SN support and educational articles like the starter guide
  • Provided educational support in Telegram and Discord

Notable Deliverables in the upcoming Funding Period will include:

Continual Deliverables

  • Maintain and organize educational content across Secret Network repositories
  • Assist with educational content (infographics, blog posts, articles, tutorials) for all launches of products and ecosystem components (such as blackbox mixer, IBC bridge)
  • Organize and manage the education committee, its projects and subcommittees.
  • Function as program management for all education-related SNACs
  • Manage the master repository for educational documents related to Secret Network
  • Oversee the organization of a weekly community-AMA by the Agents of the Round Table subcommittee

Project Deliverables

  • Describe Secret Network processes (flowcharts, guidelines, document templates)
  • Design and build out a “no-code” pathway/course to help learners understand the tech stack and utility of Secret Network
  • Offer cross-committee support to aid the Secret University concept (developer learning pathways)
  • Develop strategic resources in alignment with Shockwave campaign as significant ecosystem announcements and updates are shared with the community
  • Improve upon the existing FAQ by adding information regarding new Dapps and SecretNFTs
  • Collaborate on creating a more complete and organized non-developer learning environment over the different SN websites and socials (medium)
  • Create an educational content master document to be used by supports and community contributors for sharing information to new users.

Performance Indicators by which the Committee Can Be Held Accountable

Volume and Quality of Content Created - The definition being any infographic, article, tutorial, video, webpage that was created by the committee and its members. Although the time and effort that goes into these pieces of content can vary widely, we believe that it, statistically, provides a measurement on the performance of the committee. Notable deviations from the target will see an explanation from the committee leadership. We estimate a target of 25 pieces of content is realistic. This is on target with the previous pace and output goals for this Committee.

Budget Request

The Education Committee asks for a budget for the compensated leadership roles, a discretionary budget for leading roles in the subcommittees and a discretionary budget to put bounties on open projects and reward committee members on top of the rewards they are able to earn through the Secret Agent Program.

Our ask is in USD, calculated to SCRT on the day the proposal goes on the chain. We may reintroduce the proposal if the $SCRT price loses more than 10% of its value within the 7-day voting period.

Compensated Roles

SeanPop - $70/h - 15 hours per week - $4500 / month

  • Education Committee Contributor for 3+ months
  • 15 years experience in full-stack business operations
  • 9 years experience founding/designing learning experiences (undergrad and graduate)
  • Doctorate in Contextual Communication, professor of MA classes in Interpersonal Neurobiology and Communication Skills
  • Executive Coach for senior leaders in big tech and space exploration

Ertemann - $70/h - 15 hours per week - $4500/month

  • Secret agent/technical support contributor for 5+ months
  • Moderator in several Secret Network discords
  • 4 years experience in (ML) data analysis/remote sensing
  • Documentation/tutorial creator for several scientific data analysis applications and development frameworks (Git/CLI)
  • 6 years of experience in an international E-commerce business, in charge of regulation compliance, European taxes and data security/services
  • Education enthusiast leading/helping the buddy- and introduction programme for new (inter)national students

Discretionary Budget

The education committee requests a discretionary budget to compensate committee members for their work. This budget will be used to reward the completion of open projects like the creation of infographics, articles, written/video tutorials.

The Discretionary budget is based on:

  • 3 Types of open projects (infographics, articles/written tutorials, and video tutorials),
  • a base time per project type (1.5 hour, 4 hours, and 8 hours respectively),
  • expectation per project type (4/month, 8/month, 1/month respectively),
  • rewards at $40/h

These open project bounties will be on top of the rewards one can earn in the Secret Agent program. The two reward structures combined will result in fair compensation for these smaller projects. We are fully aware that the ‘hourly’ rate is not up to professional level (professional video editor, professional photoshop artist). However, we believe that people with such professional skills can use open-projects as a stepping stone to request SNAC funding, and we look forward to guiding such contributors in getting successfully funded for their ideas to grow the network.

Besides the project based discretionary funding the committee asks for:

  • 10 hours a week for higher-level contributors in the sub-committees (40$/h)

We believe that the members who help the education committee with structuring and leading the subcommittees should be sufficiently compensated for their efforts. These efforts include organizing educational events and improving on educational resources outside the scope of a single project/bounty or SNAC-proposal. This budget can be distributed by the education committee leads at their discretion. The only active subcommittee at this moment in time is the Agent of the Round Table subcommittee charter. The committee has delivered multiple valuable community-ama sessions already, which have been transformed into FAQ write-ups and educational podcasts about SN and its projects. All documents can be found here with the podcasts coming to Youtube very soon. The schedule shows the upcoming AMAs.

The education committee has a roll-over of SCRT from previous funding rounds that should leave the discretionary budget meant for bounties sufficiently funded for the coming 3 months. Any SCRT left at the end of the funding period (3 months) will carry over to the next round. If both education leads discontinue their role the remaining funds will be transferred to the new leads. There is not enough SCRT to fund the discretionary budget meant for the subcommittee leads, this is included in the ask.

Total Ask

  • Sean = $15 500

  • Ertemann = $15 500

  • Discretionary budget projects = $0 (using SCRT budget from previous funding periods)

  • Discretionary budget Subcommittee = $6 000

  • Total Proposal Spend for 3.5 Months = $37 000 (~6500 SCRT at $5.5)

Education committee Address : secret1uqalfng7uxc3xxh9c9ndvj94h4sgee9rwjcxrs

Ask calculation breakdown here


Ertemanns support hours have moved from this proposal to the support proposal.

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Thank you for what the team has been providing, and for taking over for the legendary @Stefan_DomeriumLabs . You have our support.

@tor can you move this to the committees forum please?

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What’s support in this context? There is a support committee prop up at the moment too. We should do a better job piecing out what we’re voting on or I have to vote no.

In your listed achievements from the past quarter I see one article, references to some infographics and material related to the support committee. Would love to see more of the infographic work be presented. The achievements just feel light for 50k ask

The support mentioned for my ask is Technical support in the Secret network discord and Telegram to end users of all SN dapps.
Just like Secretskrillah of the awareness committee i have displayed these hours within the committee lead proposal instead of the Support proposal. The support proposal only contains full time members of the Support team.

I will be reducing my time to provide technical support to the above mentioned 10 hours, i think this should be sufficient to help in the UTC hours of the day.

I did realize 2 of our deliverables closely align with 2 deliverables of the support proposal, I will be contacting @dylanschultzie to combine efforts on this.

In regards to the accomplishments: I will ask Darren and Stefan to compose a list of their accomplishments in the past funding period and post that here. I shortly mentioned some efforts of the past months to show what has happened. I hope you look at the plans we set out and the achievements of the subcommittee, Sean and me over the past months to judge this proposal.

I think rangerranger is asking about your specific contributions that you have listed in the proposals. Basically your proof of competence :slight_smile:

I agree with rangerranger that we shouldn’t be mixing all this proposals with touches of other activities. How are we to keep track of costs of certain network activities if proposals aren’t clear.

This is the education committee proposal. I expect education work, not support.

I would also like to see more examples of content created during the last period :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate on this?

I agree with Stefan that an education proposal should not fund support when the chain is already funding a support team. If support needs additional coverage, it should be included in their proposal.

  1. @rangerranger you can track the activities of the education committee over the last funding proposal in their progress reports. An example of an infographic created in this period:

    The past funding period was for 2.5 months and the discretionary budget of that period is rolled over into this period, so the ask of this period cannot be compared directly to the content produced in the last period. Sean and me have configured a nice list of educational content we think needs to be released and will be filling the open project board directly after we take over. I think you can look at the NFT article by Sean and his infographics + the work i have done with the community-ama to see our dedication to providing high quality educational content to end users of Secret Network. I hope you look at our plans and the achievements of the new committee leads to judge the ask of this proposal.

  2. Support ask in the education proposal. I included my technical support ask in the education proposal as this follows the same path chosen to fund Secetskrillah’s technical support work. I spoke with both Schultzie and the foundation to see where this ask should be included and this is what we decided to propose. I can see why this ask is confusing and i am open to get the funding of my technical support work via the support proposal. I will be in contact with Schultzie to set this up and speak up in the governance meeting to set a standard for the support+lead funding combination.

  3. Lumi asked me in private to provide some extra content ideas of ours; What content do we want to deliver in the upcoming funding period? The bullet points in the proposal above provide an indication but here are some more detailed ideas.

  • (Sean) The big idea that I plan to own start to finish is the “no code” explaination of Secret’s tech distinctives, functionality, and new vistas for use cases in light of those. This would include digging into TEE’s vs ZK rollup and really breaking down some of the hyper-complex material (like Guy’s recent interview on Epicenter pod) and making that accessible to someone like me who is either an investor deep in research, or, potentially, this could also serve as a quick introduction for a dev considering building on Secret.
  • (Ertemann) My biggest task will be to recompile and organize all educational content regarding SN to provide an easier path from start to finish for end users of SN. This includes finding all SN and non-SN owned educational material, organizing this amongst different platforms like Medium/Youtube and working together with the Design and website team to provide this in a clear manner to the SN users, agents and developers. I will also be focusing on creating an active group of Agents to work on educational content following like what has been started with the AOTRT subcommittee.

Sean his main idea closely relates to the deficiency’s i notice so we will be working closely on finding people to work on this and provide some of the content ourselves. This also includes working together with Laura, Bengee, DDT, Schultzie and other developers to provide the non-code learning pathway needed for the developer on-boarding experience dubbed “Secret University”.

Upcoming Articles/infographics:

  • Dapp FAQ (quick starter information for all SN Dapps), will leverage the community AMA writeups.
  • Article on bridging from terrastation to SN
  • Article on porting terra Dapp to SN
  • Buy SCRT infographic
  • Revamp of the Bridge articles
  • Article on SN infrastructure and bottlenecks, scaling mentioned
  • TBD articles on SN techstack
  • improve upon private wallet guide with mixer and buy/sell NFTs
  • Revamp of the SN investor infographic with all current yield options and roadmap items.
  • Potential Dapp starter guides similar to the SN starter guide.
  • Revamp Secretswap article with v3 launch, separate or combined one to show Sienna and Button dex.
  • Private interaction infographic.
  • Update TG/discord bot commands with improved information
  • Master linktree document for educational content.
  • improve upon SN website FAQ

These are all ideas for now, hope to fulfill many of these if the committee call can agree on the topics mentioned. Topics will only be tackled if the committee agrees with them being not sufficiently covered at the moment. We will try to outsource most of these articles to active secret agents with an appropriate bounty.

We are happy to answer more questions about our plans/competencies and funding calculation here or in the governance meeting coming Wednesday.

The support hours mentioned in this proposal for myself have moved to the active support proposal to provide more clarity in the funding coming from any specific proposal.

Can you explain the difference between the $15,500 asked for and the $4,500/month ($13,500) specified in the proposal? Even considering that there are 14 weeks in the period, this would add up to $14,700 (14 weeks x 15 hours x $70 per hour) in total instead of $15,500.


Hi ertemann, nice to meet you!

I do have a question regarding the open projects or “bounties” as you refer to them.

Are the leaders/members of the Education Committee and/or the leaders/members of the subcommittees able to take on projects from the bounty list? If so, are they compensated from the discretionary budget?

Thanks again in advance and I hope these questions made sense! :slight_smile:

Leaders of both may fulfill educational projects.

Leaders of the Education committee will not be compensated from the discretionary budget for this. Leaders of the subcommittee and members of the subcommittee will.

Preferably the community fulfills all the open projects but thinks like changing the already available Medium articles is easier for the Edu leads to do and also fairly quick. If these things have a high priority and no one in the community steps up the Edu leads will make sure the content is created.

Hey Justin,

I was alerted to this discrepancy as well by another community member. We proposed to discuss in one of the next governance meetings if we can set an example of how to calculate the hours. I used 3.5 months and 4.3 weeks in a month as that is how i reached similar numbers as previous proposals.

Because we are calculating for February and starting at the end of a normal workweek this calculation slightly overestimates the budget required. We have been putting in many hours already to start leading the Education committee and don’t really work the 9-5 week days, a lot will be done immediately after the proposal goes through.

I hope the community can give us the benefit of the doubt for this small calculation error and we can discuss in a governance call on how to improve on this for the upcoming community pool spends.
If many people disagree with the current budget we could transfer some of the funds meant for funding our hours into the discretionary budget.

I hope this answers your question.