Enigma to secret

hi Is it still possible to swap enigma for secret or have I missed out?
Can anyone answer that question
Thank you

The swap is about to close in about 11 hours from now. please go to this site to learn how to swap your ENG to SCRT before that happens:

Thanks reuven
All Done

i have not been involved with the project for many, many months, had an email in the spam folder that I delayed acting upon until last night… mistake.

"Claims Process for ENG ICO participants (test)
Dear ICO participant, … "

Wasn’t sure if there was another correspondence coming but felt that being sent on Dec. 15th, I’d have more than 3 weeks based on holiday schedule/COVID-19 pandemic.

Oh well, this isn’t a rant and a whine, more so a justification to myself of why I delayed and missed out…

That all being said, is there anything more I can do other than liquidate my ENG tokens and/or file the claim form?

Also the claim form doesn’t have any information of deadline beyond the February 2021 information. I am not sure what is what based on the dodgy information in the email and what I’ve found from web searching.

Anyone who can provide clarification/help is much appreciated.


The ENG to SCRT swap is unrelated to the SEC claims process. The swap was community driven and the claims process is separate and part of the EnigmaMPC settlement.

Obviously, given that the swap is now closed, you should fill your claim form and get your ICO money back.

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Understood. Thank you for the clarification.