Revealing the Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap!

Hello Secret Agents!

For the first time, we’re ready to reveal the current Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap, featuring some never-before-seen products from over 20 teams and individuals supporting our network.

Thanks to @Stefan-001 and @Carter-Woetzel for their incredible leadership on this project and to @johnbrodish for his design contributions!

Every project listed on the roadmap was given the opportunity to include a hyperlink to describe their project or work. You will find that some projects have not included a link, while others have opted for a GitHub link, a forum post link, a testnet / beta front-end link to their application, or their main company/protocol/project website.

Click here for a full hyperlinked version to find out more about each project!

Are you building something?

If so, we would love to include your projects on the roadmap if it meets the following requirements.

  1. The project has a unique name.

  2. The project is in active development with the intent to release on mainnet.

  3. The project has a clear value proposition to the network and its community.

  4. Finally, we need your consent to include your project on the roadmap. Without it, we don’t mention it. The secret is safe with us :shushing_face:

If you have an answer to all of these questions, fill out this short form to get in touch with our community team.

Keep building onwards and upwards!