QuickSync for Secret Network! New Node Runners Must See!

Hello Secret Community

When spinning up a new fullnode or validator it can take around 3-4hours to completely sync the secret blockchain…

Chain of Secrets team has taken on the task to help the community out with offering a Quicksync service.
The latest quicksync is now updated for the new Secret Network upgrade and available at QuickSync by Chain of Secrets

We will publish compressed & complete secret network blockchain sync’s at different block intervals.

Here are the steps to use it when setting up a new fullnode
This will save you 3-4hours of wait time

Install lz4

sudo apt-get update -y

sudo apt-get install wget liblz4-tool -y

Download & Decompress Quicksync Data after installing Secretd & Secretcli

cd ~/.secretd/

wget http://quicksync.chainofsecrets.org/secret-1-latestblock.tar.lz4

lz4 -d secret-1-latestblock.tar.lz4 | tar xf -

Please note, that you may have a short time to catchup to latest block, but this will be minutes not hours.

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Ladies & Gentlemen of Secret Network we have updated the latest QuickSync to Block 364,000. Enjoy



Thanks @dbriggsie!

Can I ask if this needs to be done before launching the node for the first time? I ran an early version while a node was already running and when I restarted the node later, there was an error and it wouldn’t run.

This may not have been related, but I am curious what you think?

Hi @the-dusky

It’s best to do this before running. However you may stop your node and delete the /data/ folder and then follow this guide.