DataHub - Secret Integration - Milestones & Deliverables

Hey Secret Community! Thanks for your support on our DataHub proposal ((Community Pool Proposal) DataHub - Secret Network Integration) we’re excited to get started and provide builders with scalable blockchain infrastructure.

I wanted to lay out our milestones leading to the launch of Secret Datahub and what you can expect from us:


|1|Finalize scope, workflow design, and API architectural design

  1. Review existing Secret codebase to review available data
  2. Finalize desired architecture and extent of modularity in a Specification


  1. Run Secret full node/syncing blockchain
    We will download the node software and stand up permanent server infrastructure with backups to keep testnet and mainnet blockchains up to date.

  2. Sync from Secret network to our API database
    Using the nodes setup in Step 1, we’ll create a syncing process to regularly transfer data from the Secret blockchain into the local Postgres database. We’ll set up schedules to handle multiple testnets and mainnet in parallel, as well as instrument the syncing code to test for errors and alert when syncing is delayed.

  3. Monitor, test, debug
    We’ll watch the syncing processes on live networks and simulate slowness and outages to ensure that the syncing code can adapt to various situations.

|3|DataHub Full Nodes Service

  1. Run Secret services in production on testnet
    Open the DataHub service for beta customers and provide unique API keys for users.

  2. Run Secret services in production on mainnet
    Open the DataHub service for beta customers and provide unique API keys for users

  3. Stress test the services
    Test maximum service throughput capacity to optimize number of nodes managed

  4. Reporting
    We will submit a short report to outline the state of the integration and any outstanding issues.

|4|Learn Documentation

  1. Standardize Secret developer documentation
    We will aggregate and standardize the Secret developer documentation to be hosted on Figment Learn ( so that developers can have everything they need to build right inside their DataHub dashboard.

  2. Learn tutorials
    We will commission 5 tutorials that will be hosted on Learn to help developers connect to DataHub, query the Secret blockchain, send transactions, and deploy their first smart contract.

  3. Service launch
    Once the previous steps are completed, accounts will be available for self-sign up to the community for free at this point and the sign-up link will be shared with the community.

We have some backlog but we expect to be able to complete these milestones in the 2nd half of December.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you @Yannick_Figment! What’s the timeline for these milestones?

We should be able to deliver everything before the Holidays, I’ll have an update this week.

Quick update, we are done with Milestones 1 & 2 and currently working in parallel on 3 & 4. We expect to be done by next week and have the service fully operational.


I’m happy to report that Secret is now live on DataHub and docs are up on Learn!

Looking forward to seeing what the community can build!


Hi Yannick,

Will you guys be providing endpoints for the Holodeck testnet in DataHub?

Expecting early this week @laura

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Great! Thanks, Taariq :smile:

Hey @laura sorry I missed this, Holodeck is now available on DataHub!

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Awesome, that’s great to hear Yannick!