$45 SGX Enabled SecretVPS

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Secret Network Community are now able to run an affordable Secret Network Node.
If your a developer or just a SCRT token holder who wished to run a full node just to participate and help decentralize the network but saw the previous provider costs were too high, now there is a new affordable option available.


The Options are:

1 Core - 2GB RAM - 40GB SSD // $45USD (Current SCRT Rate: 112 SCRT) Monthly

2 Core - 3GB RAM - 80GB SSD // $90USD (Current SCRT Rate: 224 SCRT) Monthly
(2 core option Best for Validators)

QuickSync for Mainnet & Testnet are available so you can have a validator up in 15minutes.

Join ChainofSecrets team telegram to get more information and a team member will direct you to the SecretVPS team’s offerings.