MetaMask Token Value Bug - Can't Burn before deadline!

Going to keep this short and sweet.

My ENG is on an Enjin digital wallet. Sent 5 ENG as a test to my MetaMask, and it’s displaying as if I sent 0.0000000005. So then I send 100 more just to make sure I didn’t just like wipe out my transfer with a gas fee or something. Nope, now I’ve got 0.0000000105. Not even a cent’s worth. Am I just supposed to eat the thousands of dollars I invested in ENG now? People have been reporting this to MetaMask support according to reddit and it’s not getting traction. Anyone got a solution for me?
Can’t use Binance either as apart of some workaround, I am US based and does not have support it appears.

Hi, not to worry hey, I’ll help you swap.
Your metamask config for the ENG “custom token” is wrong, ENG only has 8 decimals and you may have selected 18 a long time ago.
And that’s ok too, it’s only display, the swap app doesn’t rely on metamask except to sign and broadcast the tx.

Please click the up arrow to the right of the ENG amount field, it automatically chooses your maximum available ENG, total is also shown below, I’m down to my last 30 ENG :sweat_smile: