Ledger Issue - Prompt to Sign Transaction - Add Token in Keplr

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if the following scenario is a bug or intended behaviour, but some clarification will be much appreciated.

I have connected my Ledger to the Keplr wallet browser extension, and selected the Secret network. I then click on the Add Token, and paste in a secret token address in the Contract Address field, such as secret1k0jntykt7e4g3y88ltc60czgjuqdy4c9e8fzek for the sSCRT token.

Immediately upon doing this, my Ledger prompts me to sign a transaction. The transaction memo text is "Create Keplr Secret encryption key. Only approve requests by Keplr. " I decline the transaction, as I’m not sure why it’s asking to create a secret encryption key.

The source code with the JSON for this transaction looks like it’s in the following file, within the Keplr wallet Github repository (scroll to bottom):

I have successfully transacted native SCRT with my Ledger, without this prompt coming up. It seems to come up only when trying to add a token via Add Token, after pasting a token address in the Contract Address field.

I asked about this on the Secret discord channel, and a support person confirmed that he got the same behaviour as described above. He used a Ledger Nano S, while I’m using a Ledger Nano X (with the latest Cosmos app installed on the Ledger device).

On a regular Keplr hot wallet (no ledger involved) I am able to paste in a token address, and continue to submit the subsequent transaction to retrieve the viewing key, and see that token’s balance. So it looks like the Keplr wallet needs to generate a Secret encryption key for some reason from the Ledger.

Is anyone familiar with what the key is used for, and why this only happens with Ledger devices?

Many thanks!