Keplr wallet support

Hey all,

Keplr Wallet is now supporting Secret Network. You can create a secret address and delegate your SCRT. The UI is super clean and easy to use. Keplr Wallet is developed by Chainapsis, the team behind the IBC interaccount wallet development for Cosmos IBC Game of Zones. More below on why I’m excited about interchain accounts

I just created an address and sent some SCRT to it and then staked the SCRT using Keplr. Super easy experience. You can check out Keplr Portal and Keplr chrome browser extension through these links. Maybe enjoy some Pizza

Here’s a screenshot from the Keplr Portal

More on Interchain Accounts and why you should care about it?
We are all excited for a multi-chain Cosmos ecosystem. Secret Network is in a great position to provide privacy preserving computations for the entire Cosmos ecosystem. Image being able to create a privacy tokens (called secret20) based on ATOMs and using those secretATOMs in transaction or in application with full privacy. Right now this would require the end user to:

  • have a Cosmos Wallet +
  • have a SCRT wallet.
  • send ATOMs to the Peg Zone on Cosmos hub
  • mint secretATOMs

With Interchain accounts, the vision is to have 1 account for the entire Cosmos ecosystem. This is similar to how we are able to interact with the entire Ethereum ecosystem using one address.

It’s very exciting to see a project that’s pushing the innovation in Cosmos ecosystem support Secret Network!


Wow the UI is super clean!!
Still if people ask for a video tutorial i can create one!!

Glad for the support Keplr!!

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