Is history erased?

If I use the bridge from eth to scrt network and then send it from there to another eth wallet, is it’s history erased? Will this do what Tornado Cash does but for less than $600!? Thanks.

Hi xxxTxxx, no the bridge provider will have history.
The best way is to go

Ethereum to Monero wallet (via a no kyc exchange like simple swap)
Monero wallet to a different monero wallet
Monero wallet to Secret (via a no kyc exchange like simple swap)

Or another way that essentially would wipe history would be:

-ETH bridge to SCRT
-swap SCRT for sSCRT
-send sSCRT to different SCRT wallet
-swap sSCRT back to SCRT
-bridge from new SCRT wallet to different ETH wallet

Only issue is you would need to have some SCRT in the new wallet, to cover the gas when you swap from sSCRT back to SCRT. People in the pizza section of discord will help with that

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Okay, thanks alot Steven, I’ll into into that.

Okay, thanks alot gfin88, I’ll try these options.